Benefits of Telehealth

In recent years, telehealth technologies have made profound strides in furthering the reach of behavioral healthcare services. With the rollout of telehealth becoming more widespread, it has become increasingly accessible and more beneficial to those seeking mental health services. This can be especially true in underserved populations such as those living in rural areas where providers are limited. 

As healthcare organizations continue to adopt telehealth-based solutions, patients of all backgrounds can benefit from increased options for safe and timely care from the comfort of their own homes.

Telehealth Gives More Access to Vital Behavioral Health Services

Telehealth is transforming the way people access mental health services by supplementing in-person visits with virtual ones. This increases access to vital behavioral health services, which can include anything from therapy and counseling sessions to assessments and medication management. It also allows patients greater freedom when it comes to scheduling appointments and reduces barriers as they no longer need to travel long distances or take time off work in order to make an appointment. 

Not only does this give greater access to individuals who may not have had easy access before, such as those living in rural areas or those with disabilities or chronic illnesses, but it also helps reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues. This can be incredibly empowering for many individuals who may have been hesitant about seeking help before due to fear of judgment from others or a lack of resources available in their area. 

Telehealth Offers Greater Reach for Mental Health Providers

The use of telehealth technologies also offers greater reach for mental health providers who may not have otherwise been able to serve patients in distant locations due to cost and logistical barriers. Through the use of secure video conferencing systems and other digital tools like e-prescribing software, providers can now easily extend care beyond their local area without having any additional overhead costs associated with physical visits.  

Additionally, telehealth platforms offer a wealth of data collection tools that allow providers to track patient progress over time, allowing them to adjust their treatment approaches accordingly if needed and further improve outcomes while reducing costs overall.  

What does Teletherapy require?

Teletherapy is becoming an accessible and secure way to receive high-quality streamlined patient care from the comfort of your home. To get started, all you need is a private place and access to a computer or mobile device with a reliable internet connection. BlueJeans Telehealth platform provides HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software for secure interactions between patient and psychiatrist/therapist, ensuring that any data – including video & audio – remains encrypted throughout.  

What Can You Expect From a Telehealth Appointment?

Most telehealth appointments are video calls on a computer. You may need to download software in order to attend your appointment online. It’s important to prepare in advance by making sure you have adequate internet coverage and bandwidth so that your call won’t get disconnected. 

Make sure you also have enough space where you can talk privately with your doctor or therapist during the call. Depending on the type of appointment, you may be asked to provide details about your physical health as well as any medications or supplements you are taking. Some providers may also ask if there is anything else they need to know prior to the call such as recent symptoms or changes in your overall mental health status. 


Telehealth technologies are enabling behavioral telehealth services who have begun to realize the benefits of remote mental health visits. Not only does this method of treatment bring access to those who are otherwise limited due to geographical or other difficulties, it often eliminates many of the obstacles faced during typical in-person visits. 

By increasing efficiency, convenience, and cost savings for both providers and their patients alike, telehealth is fast becoming a ubiquitous tool for improving mental health services. Through its beneficial capabilities, telehealth’s influence on healthcare delivery is certain to continue making positive contributions far into the future.

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