If you’re like me, the first thing you do before trying out a new product is check out the reviews.
You probably also wonder if the object of your desire is in a major department store or not. If not, why bother? It must be a scam, right? That’s how I felt too, but thank goodness my skepticism didn’t rule the day.

Now I believe the biggest problem with limiting yourself to department store brands is you potentially miss out on good things. Products that either haven’t gained enough traction yet, don’t have massive multi-million dollar marketing budgets, or are brand new and unheard of. I didn’t realize it, but I created artificial limits when the whole idea is to not limit yourself!

Retailers don’t automatically carry the best products just because their name rhymes with Menorah.
So I found this out the hard way actually. I thought the key to looking younger was spending all of my paycheck on top-shelf products from companies like Tata Harper or Drunk Elephant.

And for a short time, I actually loved Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypeptide Cream, it felt so nourishing on my skin. But after just a week of use I started to notice red bumps and whiteheads forming all over my face. This was the only new product I added to my routine. I was so upset because the reviews were amazing, and it came highly recommended from a friend. Into the trash and with it my hard-earned money.

Next I tried Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer and the smell was unbearable. I say this as someone who generally doesn’t have a problem with scented products either. It did give a slight pearly finish after applying, but I can’t speak to how long that lasts or how moisturizing the actual product is because I simply couldn’t stomach having it on my face any longer. I returned it the next day.

Feeling grossed out and disappointed, I knew I had to search elsewhere. I had to look outside the box for a solution. That’s when I stumbled across an ad for B22 Night Gel, a new treatment formulated from the Desert Hot Springs of Southern California. Apparently as we age, oxygen levels are slowly depleted from our skin.

While so many other creams focus just on wrinkles or just on dryness, it’s easy to forget that looking younger and healthier has so much to do with the vitality of our skin. B22 works to deliver oxygen back into the skin, while also protecting from damaging free radicals.

Honestly, it had scam written all over it, but at this point I tried all the major players and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try something new. This is why I’m never again going to buy products based solely on which store shelf they’re sitting on. I would have missed out on this miracle-worker. And I don’t say it lightly.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful lavender scent. Like I said, I’m not big into scented products but this one just smelled so natural and refreshing. It’s like standing in a garden of lavender. I was completely skeptical it would do anything beyond make my face and neck smell great. But in just a matter of days I could feel it working.

My skin is now softer to the touch and looks so radiant. No breakouts. No dullness. And the fine lines around my eyes and nose are actually starting to fade away. I have dry, sometimes dull-looking skin, always showing the very first signs of aging, but the B22 Night Gel is so hydrating it’s like a splash of Niagara Falls on my face.

And it somehow managed to do all of this without any of the oily greasiness I experienced with other products. The smooth, velvety texture just absorbs so nicely into my skin. So I learned my lesson.
And probably the best part?

A whole jar lasts months. At $120 for 70 ounces it’s less-expensive than the other top-shelf treatments BUT brings a lot more value. For me it works. And it lasts long enough so I don’t have to continue my semi-weekly paycheck offering to the department store gods.

Try it out today and learn from my mistake: sometimes the best things really do come in unheard-of packages. Be sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for the more info.

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