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Give Your Testosterone Levels a Boost With These Tips

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After the age of 30, men naturally face a gradual decline in testosterone. What many people do not realize, however, is that there are plenty of younger men facing low testosterone levels today as well. Low testosterone can be caused by a multitude of factors, such as type 2 diabetes, chronic liver or kidney disease, or even genetics.

Studies reveal that testosterone shortage leads to men losing muscle mass, bone density, decreased sex drive and even erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways men can naturally boost their testosterone levels by making small lifestyle changes! Boost Testosterone Levels wIith these tips

Limit, if not eliminate, sugar from your diet

Sugar is one of our greatest threats to our health today. The effects have on our body is absolutely detrimental when over consumed. When it comes to testosterone levels, sugar increases your insulin levels, which in turn leads to low testosterone. A sweet snack is alright every once and awhile, but if you’re looking to boost your testosterone levels, you should seriously consider cutting sugar out all together!

Reduce your stress levels

We’ve all been over stressed. It’s easy to get turned around and caught up with the anxiety that naturally comes from work and everyday life. Stress causes a surge in cortisol, a hormone that hampers the body’s production of testosterone. Doing cardio exercises should help in reducing the stress. Meditation is also another effective way to step away from the chaos of the day, even if it’s only for a time as short as twenty minutes!

Lose Weight

Obviously, this is much easier said than done, but Studies have shown that there is a strong link between obesity and low testosterone. When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about building a regimen active routines and a balanced diet. This goes hand in hand with what we mentioned about limiting sugar.

Exercise, Lift weights

Exercising is one of the most effective ways of boosting your testosterone. Studies also reveal that weight lifting and other forms of strength training are the best types of exercise for raising testosterone levels.

Foods that a Balanced Diet Consists of

You can maintain healthy levels of testosterone by eating a diet that is balanced in protein, fat, and carbs. The only  Eggs, fish, and seafood are examples of protein rich food. For a solid source of healthy fats, salmon, olives, avocados, and walnuts are a great option.

More Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be easily argued as the most important vitamin that directly correlates with testosterone levels. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, the authors found that participants with higher levels of vitamin D had significantly higher levels of free testosterone compared to those with insufficient levels of Vitamin D. This research suggests that healthy blood levels of Vitamin D may increase testosterone, so get more sun, or take a Vitamin D supplement regularly.

Get High quality sleep

No one enjoys the day after a night of bad sleep, especially not your Testosterone levels. Testosterone levels suffered a 10-15% drop in men who don’t get enough sleep, according to a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute-funded study.

Zinc it

When most people think of Zinc, people picture the incredibly thick substance known as Zinc Oxide, that lifeguards will place on their nose. However, Zinc is actually an essential mineral for testosterone levels that are naturally present in many foods.

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Not only is Zinc important for testosterone levels, but also plays an important role in cellular metabolism and is involved with the bodies in the immune function. One study also shows that zinc supplements increased sperm quality by 74%. The best sources of zinc are meats, fish, raw milk, raw cheese, beans, and yogurt.

Go easy on the alcohol

While a cold beer or a nice glass of wine is a great way to relax after a long workweek, a recent Dutch study noted a seven percent decrease in the testosterone levels of men who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol daily for three weeks. Moderating your alcohol consumption is key when optimizing testosterone levels.

If you take these tips to heart, an optimal testosterone level along with  a healthier body and mind will be within reach!

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