Terminalia Arjuna

Terminalia Arjuna tree covered with tender green leaves & standing in rows on river banks & at the edges of rivulets in dry hilly regions appear as if warriors like Arjun with innumerable weapons are ready for battle to destroy enemies in the guise of diseases.

Terminalia arjuna health benefits are many. This tree is found in forests; it flowers in summer and bears fruits in winter.

Chemical Composition

Its bark contains various types of chemicals. It contains 34% of calcium carbonate and other elements include sodium, magnesium, and aluminum. Because of excessive amounts of calcium and sodium, it affects even the minutest of heart muscles.

Terminalia arjuna health benefits

Arjuna is cool, beneficial for heart and astringent in taste.It eliminates fat, tuberculosis cells, blood disorders, and cures many other diseases, It strengthens heart muscles which make the heartbeat strong.

It contracts arteries and thereby increases the blood weight. This stimulates the heart and also the blood flow through the arteries slow down. Thus, the heart is able to pump blood into the body and brings it back to the heart more efficiently.

Therefore, the use of this herb is very beneficial for treating heart-related chronic illnesses. It reduces the acidity and burning of Pitta and makes the blood stable. This helps in disorders related to blood and acid peptic disorders.

Being astringent, it suppresses Kapha and helps build Urine. It also stabilizes and cures fever. Arjun, Shireesh, and Palm being blood purifying herbs cure leprosy, jaundice and urinary disorders.

Arjun tree, black plum, liquorice(mulethi) these are all beneficial for ulcer; they also cure vaginal diseases.

Boils in mouth

Mix the powder of its root in sesame oil and use this to gargle. It cures mouth disorders.

Ear pain

Put 3-4 drops of its juice in ears. It cures ear pain.

Black patches on face / blemishes

Grind its bark and then mix it with honey and apply this on  the face.

A tubercular cough

Take powder of Arjuna bark and give the juice of leaves of Adusa prepared using Bhawanayen method. Mix 2-3 gm honey, sugar candy and cow’s ghee in it and give this to the patient.It cures cough of tuberculosis where a cough includes blood also.


When the normal rate of heartbeat increase from 72-150, take one glass juice of tomato and add 1 teaspoonful of powder of Arjuna bark in it. Give this teaspoonful of powder of Arjuna bark in it. Give this to the patient regularly. It normalizes the heartbeat.

Grind thick bark of Arjuna. Mix 1 teaspoonful of this powder in 1 cup of milk after removing the cream. Give this to the patient every morning and evening.

It is beneficial in curing all types of heart disorders. It strengthens the heart and eradicates weakness. It also normalizes the heartbeat.

Take 20 gm wheat flour and roast it in 30 gm ghee. When it turns pink, add 3gm powder of Arjuna back and 40gm sugar candy and 100gm boiling water in it and cook the mixture. When the mixture thickens, take it off the fire.

Give this to the patient every morning and evening. Its regular intake cures heart pain, anxiety, increased heartbeat and other heart disorders.

Heart Problems

In the case of heart weakness and in swelling of heart, cook 6-10 gm powder of its bark with jaggery and milk. Strain the milk and give this to the patient.

It prevents water of blood lymph from getting into the blood vessels and thus prevents swelling which in turn cures the fatigues and weakness of heart.

Take 50 ml juice of its bark. In case wet bark is not available, take 50gm dry bark and boil it in 4litre water till water is reduced to ¼. Strain this decoction. Put 50gm ghee in a vessel and then add 50gm paste of its bark and the cooked juice and milk.

Cook the mixture on low heat till only ghee is left behind. Now add 50gm honey and 75gm khand or sugar candy in it. Store the mixture in a glass bowl.

Give 6gm of this ghee every morning and evening with milk. It strengthens the heart and cures all heart-related disorders.

In the case of fatigue of heart, fast heartbeat, swelling of heart enlargement, and all other heart disorders, Arjuna is very beneficial.

After a heart attack, give 40 ml of its decoction every morning and evening. It is an effective heart or cardiac tonic.

For the complete benefit, prepare the decoction in milk. It cures disorders like increased heartbeat, angina pain, and anxiety.

In the case of heart disease, the impact of cloth sieved powder of its bark is much more effective than an injection. Keep its powder on the tongue and suck it.

It gives immediate relief. Its effect is similar to that of the sorbitrate tablet. In the case of fast heartbeat and high pulse rate, keep its powder on the tongue of the patient.

It immediately provides strength to the pulse. The effect of this medicine is permanent and does not cause any negative effect. It is much more effective than allopathic medicines like Digitalis.

It is beneficial in high blood pressure. In the case of swelling of heart due to high blood pressure, this medicine cures even this swelling.

Upward Movement Of Vat

It happens due to controlling urine pressure and can be cured by giving 40ml decoction of its bark, every morning, and evening to the patient.

Bleeding Diathesis

Boil 5 gm powder of Arjuna bark in 250 ml cow’s milk and 125 ml water, on low heat. When only milk is left, take it off the fire and let it cool.

Mix 10 gm sugar candy in it and give this to the patient every morning. It cures all types pf heart-related disorders. This milk is also beneficial in diarrhea and bleeding disorders.


Boil 1teaspoonful powder of Arjuna bark in 1 cup milk till milk is reduced to half. Add a little amount of sugar candy in it and give this to the patient, thrice a day.

Urinary tract infection

Take equal quantities of the bark of Arjuna, Neem, and Indian Gooseberry, turmeric, and Neelkamal(Blue Lotus). Grind them all together to form a powder. Take 20 gm of this powder and boil in 400 gm water till water is reduced to 100 ml.

Mix honey in this Decoction and give this to the patient, every morning, and evening. It cures Urinary disorders.

Take juice of leaves of Arjuna, Bael, Jamun, Mrinali, Krishnagandhar, Sriparni, Heena and yogurt leanes. Prepare portions mixed with juices of these leaves with ghee, Lavana(salt) and Amla (Sour ingredient), consuming these help cure urinary disorders.


Give decoction of its bark or decoction of white sandalwood, regularly to the patient.

Urinary Obstruction

Give 40 ml decoction of its bark to the patient.


Give 1 teaspoonful powder of Arjuna bark, 2-3 times a day, with 1 cup of milk, for a few weeks.

It strengthens the bone and helps the fracture heal faster. Grind its bark in ghee and apply the paste on the spot of fracture and then cover it with a bandage. It helps in  joining the bone.

Swelling and Edema

It affects the kidney and causes excessive Urination. In addition to heart diseases, in the case of disorders of water retention in the body or swelling in the body, Arjuna bark has been proven as an effective medicine.

Indigestion Disorders(Acidity Disorders)

Take equal quantities of powder of bark of Arjuna root and bark of the root of Gangrene. Give 2 gm of this powder every morning and evening to the patient followed by milk. It cures the disorders due to acidity.

Bleeding Disorders

Soak its 2 gm bark in water overnight. Next day morning crush it or boil it to prepare the decoction. Give this decoction to the patient. It is beneficial in curing bleeding disorders.


In the case of blood disorders and dermatoses, give 1 teaspoonful powder of its bark with water. Also, grind its bark in water and apply the paste on the affected area. Also, rinse the boils of dermatoses with a decoction of its bark.


Give 40 ml decoction of its root in fever.


Rinse the wounds and ulcers with the decoction of Arjuna bark. Give 1 teaspoonful powder of its root to be taken with milk. It cures the bluishness that appears around the wound.


Give 1 teaspoonful powder of its bark with jaggery to the patient. It cures dyspepsia.

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