In today’s world, depression is a major problem that lots of in today’s world depression is a major problem that lots of people face according to the world health organization.

A lot of people understand depression differently especially because it is one mental health condition that affects each in a different manner regardless of age gender or social status.

In different parts of the world, depression has been discovered to cause employers billions of dollars yearly across various industrial fields.

There is no specific reason why workers become depressed the reasons for depression and many they range from poor working conditions to meagre salaries that are not enough to meet basic needs. It has become evident that depression is one condition that people cannot consciously avoid.

When a person is depressed, it hinders their morals, and that means that workers become less motivated to do their job and that would eventually cause the employers to lose billions of dollars annually.

When an individual is depressed, they lose interest during working hours when an individual is depressed to lose interest in working as and walk a status quo back to be depressed I usually found to perform poorly than those who are not dealing with depression or suffering from the effect of such mental condition.

At present no industry can boast of paying higher than the tech industry. And this affords workers in this industry a more comfortable life and flexible working hours, but despite all of these, workers in the tech industry are not immune to depression.

Autonomous or blind social media platforms created for the workplace are doing surveys on a regular basis on various topics. Recently uses of these social media platforms have been talking more about burnout insomnia high levels of stress and also complaining about irregular working hours and sometimes being forced to work overload.

The world health organisation has said that all of these are symptoms of some level of depression. When a person is gradually seeping into the patient all of these symptoms are usually the first to show up.

On an anonymous social networking user recently posted that he feels like he has started losing interest in his job adding that hard work for the past two years has not helped him feel any better, but instead it has forced him to feel like he’s carrying a huge burden. Add anonymous users have also mentioned that they feel as if they were worthless and whatever it is they do does not seem to matter.

A survey carried out by Cisco engineers on their tech workers hard questions like “I believe I am depressed” and users answered with either true or false. The results of the study showed that 38.78% of the participants agreed that they were depressed while 61.22% did not agree that they were depressed.

At the end of the research, it was discovered that workers in big tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft even Facebook and Uber employees all undergoing one form of stress or another that could be linked to depression.

This goes to show that tech workers, even though their salaries are higher than average and their work environments are more comfortable than others, and even with their better work-life balance are not immune to experiencing the damaging effects of depression.