Tattoo Removal

Almost everyone you know has a story about a tattoo gone wrong. From incorrect spelling to a change in personal views, not every tattoo looks the same way in your imagination as it does on your skin. Fortunately, it is possible to remove tattoos and you have several choices to do so.

When Do You Consider Tattoo Removal?

Removing a tattoo can be costly and painful, so it is important to consider carefully why you want to remove your tattoo. Many people who choose to remove tattoos do so because they feel self-conscious about their tattoo, or because it no longer reflects their personal style.

Some people choose to remove them because the tattoo has aged badly and is no longer aesthetically pleasing. It is important to be as considerate about the decision to remove a tattoo as you were about getting that tattoo because most removals take time and money and may leave you with scars.

How Are Tattoos Removed?

Tattoos can be removed through several methods. The most popular method is to use laser removal. Laser removal is a highly effective method of removing tattoos with fairly few side effects. It is not a surgical procedure, and you can go home on the same day.

However, it may take more than one session of laser therapy at places like Utah Cosmetic Surgery to remove a tattoo, and these lasers do often leave marks on the skin.

Many people find that there is scarring on the skin, or that there is a change in skin color in the area that has been treated. If you decide to use laser treatment, there are several things you will need to avoid before the treatment.

For instance, some surgeons will insist that you stop smoking six weeks before the procedure as it aids in your skin healing more efficiently. Studies have shown that smokers have a 70 percent less chance of success of having their tattoos removed.

What Are the Alternatives to Laser Therapy?

There are several skin creams on the market that claim to remove tattoos. You can choose from both a manufactured option as well as a natural skin cream.

The manufactured creams will often use harsh chemicals that may burn away layers of the skin on the area that it is applied. Some creams also include skin bleaching agents that are not legal in many countries like France or the United Kingdom.

Natural skin creams are generally safer alternatives to those that contain bleaching agents. There is some evidence that Kojic Acid and Alpha Abrubtin can be used as natural skin lighteners, too.

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to both treatments. Laser treatments are generally much more expensive than creams. They can cost $150 to $250 per session depending on your location and you may need anywhere from two to twelve treatments. However, laser removal has so far proven to be one of the safest and most effective ways to permanently remove a tattoo.

Using skin creams to remove tattoos can save money, but their efficacy is not as high as laser treatments. The chemicals used in some creams may be damaging, but if you are able to find a natural cream that works on your tattoo then you can save both money and the health of your skin.

In some cases, it is not as easy to remove a tattoo as it was to have your tattoo drawn on. However, removing a tattoo can improve your self-esteem and the look of your skin.

Fortunately, as time and technology move forward, you have more choices when looking to remove that misshapen Tweety Bird tattoo from its overt location on your forearm.


  1. Thanks for the heads up that a smoker who wants to get their tattoo removed should avoid smoking for at least six weeks before having it done to help the skin heal better. With that in mind, I will look for a local service to book a session for my uncle two months from now. Doing this will help him look better when he heads to find a new job around town by then.