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Tanzania: NHIF Coverage to Hit 50pc By 2020

THE National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) intends to reach out to more than 50 per cent of Tanzanians come 2020.


The NHIF Board of Directors Chairperson, Ms Anna Makinda, said here over the weekend that as sound health was key to human lives, the fund had charted strategies for ensuring inclusion of as many people as possible.

Ms Makinda called for people to respond positively by enrolling at NHIF offices, saying that currently the fund serves about 33 per cent of the people, stressing that the figure had to go up.

The chairperson, who was officiating at a stakeholders’ meeting here, said that NHIF was taking measures to make sure that drugs were readily available at all its centres, revealing that currently, there were 7,600 of them countrywide.

Ms Makinda said there were challenges in execution of its duties, as there were fraudsters among service givers in filling in necessary papers.

She said that four hospitals had been identified and were ultimately dropped.NHIF is a Social Health Insurance Scheme established with the main objective of ensuring accessibility of health care services to all Tanzanians.

Despite the compulsory arrangement to public servants, the Fund has managed to expand its coverage to include councillors, private companies, religious and education institutions, private individuals, children under 18 as well as mutual groups.

All members equally access health services in all accredited health facilities. The Fund is also administering the Bunge Health Insurance Scheme, on behalf of the National Assembly.

It is a government agency under the Ministry of Health Community Development, Gender, Children and Elderly that considers health insurance as a societal affair rather than an individual need and the NHIF operates under the principle of risk sharing and solidarity among members.


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