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Tanzania: MOI to Start Full Neurosurgery

THE Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) is set to perform neurosurgical operations by 100% effective from July this year. MOI Executive Director, Dr Respicious Boniface, said this at the opening of the Workers’ Council meeting this week.


He said MOI had reduced between 95 and 98 per cent of patients with various neurological complications, who were previously seeking medical services overseas.

“These services will from July this year be accessed from within the country, as we expect to receive modern equipment and local specialists, who were receiving further training overseas,” he said.

He said currently only 2 per cent of patients with spine complications and 5 per cent of those, who needed to undergo neurosurgery, were being refereed to overseas hospitals.

Dr Boniface, however, noted that despite such achievements there were still some challenges facing patients, so he urged participants to come up with recommendations that would help address the challenges.

He also called on medical practitioners to be creative, increase efficiency and maintain the country’s reputation.

Dr Boniface mentioned some of the challenges as corruption, a delay in the dissemination of medical information to patients, poor revenue collection, poor customer care service and lack of creativity, love and unity among workers.

He said the hospital management was working hard to improve the situation, including establishment a one-stop centre, where patients would get all requisite information to avoid inconveniences they encountered when seeking treatment.

Dr Respicious urged medical doctors to take an increase in the number of patients as an opportunity rather than a challenge to ensure every patient going to MOI was accurately registered and his or her information properly recorded.

“I want to argue my fellow doctors and workers that, we need to increase our facility’s revenue.

We have a good number of patients coming to us, so we must use this opportunity to serve them properly and in return increase revenue,” he added.


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