Losing weight is on the top of almost every New Year’s Resolution list every single year, and somehow over the course of the year that priority can often slip further and further to the bottom.

There are many reasons that losing weight is difficult, but there are also some great ways to make sure you stay on track.

Setting yourself up for success is key to achieving your goals, and using simple tips, like the five below, to help you stay on track can dramatically increase your chances of losing the weight for good.

Keep a Journal

Accountability is absolutely the key to success. Keeping a journal of what you eat, what exercise you did, calorie intake and burn, and what you are feeling on a daily basis can not only help you stay accountable and on track but serves as a wonderful record of what works and what doesn’t.

This enables you to fine tune your program for optimal results. There are many ways to find genuine leather journals here and there but the easiest is probably just getting online and searching for them.

Tell a Friend

Studies show that working out with a friend, or at the very least telling a close and trusted friend about your goals, enables individuals to lose up to three times more weight than they would alone.

Not only does this provide accountability, but it also lets you know that you are not alone and helps to keep your motivation high.

Set Realistic Goals

When looking at your weight loss goals, don’t look at the entire number at once. Instead, break down your weight loss goal into realistic and doable steps of five pounds at a time or so. This way, you can celebrate the little victories and stay on track.

Maintain Balance

While it sounds good on paper to swear off carbohydrates and chocolate forever, there is a high chance that doing so is completely unrealistic.

Losing weight is about finding a healthy balance. By focusing on appropriate portion sizes and making sure that the majority of your diet is healthy, you can still have the foods you love in small amounts now and then.

Do Something Everyday

This is a marathon not a sprint. Take everything in steps, and do something everyday to help you towards your goal. Exchange that bagel for eggs and fruit.

Take the stairs. One habit at a time you can change your lifestyle and that is the best way to reach your goals.