Nutritional Supplements

Losing weight is a challenge for many people. Some like to go for a natural way of losing weight and some prefer to take medicines for a quick weight loss remedy. If you want to opt for a natural weight loss solution, you could take herbal supplements.

Different types of herbs are available in the market for boosting metabolic rate, suppressing hunger and eliminating waste through detoxification. However the one effective for one person may not be suitable for another. So, it’s better to consult an expert while selecting the herbs for matching your weight loss requirements.

Usually the herbs helping in losing weight are available in various forms including dried, raw, loose, pill forms and in numerous other arrangements. For getting the best advice you could read some good beauty magazines that recommend the intake of weight loss herbs. However, whether you take the suggestion from an expert or a good magazine, it’s important that you know the right usage of the plants before including them in your daily diet.

Some herbs are not safe for consumption till they are prepared in the right manner. Moreover, some herbs meant for losing weight like Ephedra has drawn the attention of the media for causing damage to the human body. Hence, it is significant for you to identify a weight loss plant. Carry out a research to know whether it is safe to be consumed or not and the amount to be taken with your daily diet.

Let’s consider the different types of herbs that help to lose weight in an effective way:


A stimulant based plant contains thermogenic properties that help to enhance the metabolic rate of your body and burn more calories. Cinnamon, Cayenne, Kelp, Cardamom and Green Tea are some instances. As per the Women’s Fitness study it is revealed that Cayenne helps to increase your body temperature and thus leads to weight loss.

Apart from taking these herbs, you could give a boost to metabolic rate of your body by consuming six small meals per day rather than three large meals, drinking plenty of water and by undertaking regular exercises.

Appetite suppressing

If you want, you could take appetite suppressing plants, responsible for affecting the hunger trigger in the brain. They either tell your body that you are not hungry or make your stomach feel full. Instances of these plants include hoodia gordonii, psyllium and fennel seed.

Psyllium offers you a good source of natural fiber. You could also drink lots of water for enhancing the fiber content in your body. In addition, you can take oatmeal, pears, beans and apples.


Diuretic herbs help your body excrete more water through urine. Dandelion, green tea, stinging nettle and yarrow are a few instances of them. Try to take a vitamin supplement every day while using diuretics for replacing the nutrients removed from your body through excess fluids.


You could also take colon cleansing or cathartic herbs. They help to stimulate the colon for eliminating toxins or waste from your body. If you don’t have a clean colon, you won’t be able to lead a healthy life. Some instances of colon cleansing herbs include senna, cape aloe leaf and cascara sagrada.

You could take deep cleansing herbs for removing toxins from the colon walls together with cathartic herbs. Instances of deep cleansing herbs are activated charcoal, bentonite clay and apple pectin.

Blend 2 or 3 teaspoons of any one of these plants in juice or water and drink the mixtures 10 times every day. You can take the colon cleansing and the cathartic herb in combination with each other but not instantly. Don’t fail to take a minimum 16 ounces water with every dosage.

Choose any of these herbs and take it with your doctor’s consultation for reducing your weight.