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DIY Christmas Gift

30+ Best DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

DIY Christmas gifts are one of the best ways to tell someone how much love you have for them. With that additional effort from you, someone’s Christmas might just become extra special, and nothing...

Puberty – Stages, Duration, Signs for Boys & Girls

Puberty is the process in which the body of a boy or girl undergoes changes that makes them capable of sexual reproduction. The gonads – organs that produce sex specific hormones – receive signals...

How to Help Your Teen Deal with Epilepsy?

If epilepsy is a chronic health problem that your child has been dealing with you may be wondering what will happen when the child reaches puberty. Like so many other illnesses, epilepsy may be affected...
Puberty girl

Your Daughter and Puberty

Your little girl is growing up and starting to go through some physical and emotional changes but you haven’t talked to her about puberty yet. You are embarrassed or you don’t know how to open...
Residential Treatment

3 Normal Concerns About Residential Treatment for Teens, Explained

Residential treatment centers for eating disorders are the most effective way to effectively treat bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and other disorders, but they do require a strong commitment. Before entering a residential treatment program, many...

What to Do When You Don’t Approve of the Person Your Teenager Is Dating

When parents start having children, it is always very exciting. Watching them grow from wearing diapers to beginning kindergarten is always filled with emotions and expectations. Somewhere deep down, you wish they grow up and...

Why Your Teenager Might Need a Therapist?

A lot of people are not aware of the roles of therapists and most times get confused about what their duties really are. Therapists can play a very vital role in the life of...
Punish a Child

9 Ways You Could Punish a Child Without Damaging Their Self-esteem

Statistics show that almost every single parent is confident that they are doing a good job raising their kids and teaching them life lessons. However, raising a child isn’t ever a jolly ride, because...
Teen Plastic Surgery

Benefits of Teen Plastic Surgery

The teen years are notorious for fostering feelings of self-consciousness and social anxiety. In most cases, as teens mature they grow more comfortable in their own skin and these negative feelings resolve on their...
Troubled Teen Programs

What are the Different Types of Troubled Teen Programs?

Though the teen age holds some of the fondest of memories, yet it also accounts for the maximum troubles and ill habits faced and practiced by an individual. The teen years are a tough...
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