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6 Easy Tips for Proposing to Your Girlfriend

Let's talk wedding proposals;So you have finally found that person that completes you. You think it is the right time to take things a notch higher by asking her to marry you and as...

Things You Should Never Do to Her in Bed. NEVER!

This is definitely something we need to address. Sex, if I'm not mistaken, is meant to be enjoyed. Not by one party, but by both. It is just as easy to turn sex into a...
look alike couple

Discovering Your Partner’s Love Language

Relationships are not the easiest situations individuals find themselves. Granted, it can be the most beautiful venture you decide to enter. But only if done right. There are no easy routes, no shortcuts and...
Sex Life

6 Things Men Want in the Bedroom

Yes, I've Heard girls talk about their sexcapades. When they had sex, who they had sex with, and how bad or good the experience was. The whole gory details actually. I must admit, i often find...

8 Reasons Why Sex Is Better When You’re in Love

Ever just sat down and wondered "Sex is Amazing"? I know I have. Not just sex with some random guy or even a close friend though, but sex with someone you're absolutely in love...
Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love: What It Is? Signs What to Do About It

There are moments when we feel strong romantic feelings toward someone, only to discover that they don’t feel the same way about us. This is known as unrequited love—love that is not rewarded or...
Casual Relationships

All You Need to Know About Casual Relationships as Millennials

What comes to our mind when we say “casual relationships?” maybe friends with benefits, or one-night stand? How about casual dating? Are these forms of relationship the same? Or are they different? Today's millennials...
Guys to Avoid Online

6 Types of Guys to Avoid Online

We live in an era where online dating is not new to anyone. When I joined online dating platforms like PlentyOfFish and OkCupid, I received well over 1000 messages from men who were registered...
Extramarital Affairs

Extramarital Affairs: Reasons Why People Get Involved

There are lots of reasons why married couples cheat. More than 40 percent of married people are impacted by infidelity, and regardless of the high percentage, most people – even the cheaters – will...
fighting couple

7 Things You Should Never Do in Your Relationship When There Is a Fight

Conflict in a relationship isn’t uncommon and it’s quite easy to hurt your partner’s feelings with your actions and your words during a fight. A fight that could have been solved easily without much...
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