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After Divorce Parenting Options

Unfortunately divorce is a factor in many marriages today with 45% of all marriages ending in it. Divorce can be extremely difficult on the kids, and how the parents deal with the kids after...
Father/Daughter Relationship

The Father/Daughter Relationship

For centuries it was thought that the mother was the most important factor in bringing up children.Today, with women going back to work full-time and kids at home or in school, this has been...
Co-Sleeping Debate

The Co-Sleeping Debate

In many countries of the world, bed sharing is not an option, it is the norm. Not all people are blessed with homes that have more than one room and more than one bed.So...

Why You Need to be an Active Father

It was thought for the longest time that mothers were the most important factor in the child’s development.A lot of this was due to the traditional roles people were holding onto and their inaccurate...
Cooking With Kids

Finally: Dads Deserve Bonding Time with Baby

Thanks to the Family and Medical Leave Act, men have the option of taking unpaid leave after the birth or adoption of a child.Traditional roles have greatly adapted to modern times and often it...
Angry mom

5 Things You Should Not Say To Your Children

Parents nowadays seem to live a rather harried life. With demanding jobs, hectic schedules and the onus to run the household like clockwork, it is not surprising that tempers run short and sometimes parents...

First Time Father!

When it comes to first time babies, people seem to completely and totally forget the father. The mother is given all of the advice, she has all of the published literature to refer to,...
single parent

The Issues of Single Parenting

Very few people go into a relationship expecting to be a single parent, but with the high rate of divorce in our society this has become all too commonplace. In addition there is an...

Do Dads Matter?

Back in the 1970’s it was thought that fathers did not play an important role in a toddler’s life. It was the woman who spent most of the time with toddlers and according to...
Foster Care

Becoming a Foster Parent

Some parents at some time in their life, for whatever reason, are unable to continue to take care of their children properly. When this happens the state has the right to remove them from...
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