Tacfit Commando is a strategic fitness program designed by Scott Sonnon, a renowned fitness instructor and martial arts specialist. This program does more than help you improve your appearance. It goes beyond helping you lose weight. Its main objective is to enhance an individual’s physical flexibility, strength, speed, and toughness.

What Does it Entail?

It is a tactical program whose workouts are similar to what the Scott Sonnon applies when training special operations soldiers from different parts of the globe. Tacfit Commando is used by several security units including the Israeli Defense Forces, UK soldiers, U.S. navy and military, and counter-terrorism officers.

The workouts focus on ability and performance as opposed to weight loss and muscle development. This makes the program stand out from the other fitness strategies. Another aspect that makes this program unique is that you do not need any fitness equipment or a gym to carry out the workouts.

It focuses on body weight exercises. They can be done anywhere including your garage, living room or bedroom. All you need is about half an hour or less to complete the workouts. There are four intensity levels to choose from depending on your ability including:

  • High strength
  • Moderate intensity
  • Low strength
  • No strength

These intensity levels are designed to accommodate various physical capabilities. You can customize the workouts to suit your specific requirements.

You also get some dietary advice to ensure you get the nutrients your body needs to engage in the workouts. The program features illustrations that will guide you through the various workouts.

Target Audience

This tactical program is a great choice for busy individuals who cannot find the time to attend gym sessions. It also works well for stay-at-home moms who want to maintain their fitness in spite of busy household schedules. If you cannot afford a personal trainer or gym membership, this program is designed for you.

What to Expect

When you first start using the program, you will select workouts that match your fitness level. You will then follow a day-by-day workout routine. Beginners start with simple levels and progress to the more complicated ones as your physical ability improves.

Tacfit Commando comes with video lessons to help you through the training process. You also get a pdf guide to supplement the videos. You can access the program through your smartphone, laptop or tablet. This allows you to perform the workouts from any location.

The exercises included in this program are designed to help you attain a higher physical fitness level and develop a wide range of abilities. This program is appropriate for those who want to focus on improving their physical endurance, strength, and speed.

The extra benefits of the workouts include lean muscle development and weight loss. The exercises will not bulk you up but will make your muscles firmer. Scott Sonnon focuses on offering quality and not quantity workouts. You will also learn how to breathe properly during workouts to control tension.

Tacfit Commando demonstrates that it is possible to attain physical fitness without attending gym sessions or training for several hours each day. The workouts included in this program bring out the solider in participants and help you reach greater physical heights.