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Switching to Electronic Cigarettes – A Merit or a De-Merit?

Wondering should I switch to E-cig smoking or not? Yes, it is a major question these days in the American community. With an increasing debate over the merits and de-merits of using Electronic cigarettes, the post aims at providing the most obvious benefits to the E-cigs consumers.

The overview of these benefits would enable the readers to judge about themselves if they want to switch or not.

Odorless Environment

The first and the foremost benefit of switching to Electronic cigarettes is the odorless environment it would generate. Yes! Neither have you had to worry about making the environment miserable because of your habit, nor about the guilt of passive smokers suffering. You can smoke with your loved ones and at your work place without any tension of the stinking smell. This is definitely a big advantage.

No need to Worry about Carcinogens anymore

The second benefit of Electronic cigarettes vaping is the end to the worry of inhaling carcinogenic content. The E-cigs do not contain tobacco that is considered dangerous for health. This makes smoking safer than tobacco smoking.

Cigarette without Lighters

The third benefit related to it is that you no longer require lighting the cigarette once you switch. This not only saves you from worrying about having a lighter every time you smoke, but also saves you from various fire hazards that take place every year because of smoking eventually leading to deaths.

Expenditure of less Income overall

The fourth rather economic benefit of switching to Electronic cigarettes is the yearly money you would spend on smoking once you switch.

Initially it might seem more expensive, but once you buy an E-cig, the cost reduces per month because you do not need to buy a packet every other day, but a battery or the liquid. In a wider perspective, E-vaping is cheaper and affordable as compared to paper smoking.

Health Comparisons


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Health is the most important thing in life and focusing on health while taking every life decision is a requirement. The E-cigs are healthier as compared to traditional smoking which poses threat to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, skin cancer, osteoporosis, lung cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and many others. Electronic cigarettes however, do not have such hazards.

They do not contain the contents responsible for such diseases. So it would be right if we say that E-cigs are a better invention than traditional hazardous cigarettes.

Reusable product

Yet another merit of E-cigs is their reusable nature. If maintained properly, they can be used for a longer period of time, thus saving more money. The battery is rechargeable even having USB cables and car charging facilities. This also makes it portable and easy to use.

Vaping over Smoking

Some places that do not allow smoking, do allow Vaping. This counts for another advantage of switching.

Variety of Flavors Available

The variety of flavors available for E-cigs is no doubt another benefit of Vaping. This was never available in traditional smoking which only smelled of nicotine and tobacco. If you are considering switching, then you have a fun element of having any flavor you crave for. This might seem a small benefit, but once you experience, you will come to know about its worth.

Helping Smokers Quit

Although the evidence for such a claim are weak, but some studies still focus on the benefit of Electronic cigarettes in helping the smokers quit. In context of those studies, it can be said that switching tobacco smoking to E-smoking can provide a first step to smokers in quitting the habit.


Dear readers! We do not say that Electronic cigarettes are absolutely harmless, but researches show them to be less harmful as compared to tobacco consumption. Now you are smart enough to decide which type is better for you and we feel privileged to help you in this regard if you are ready then here is the how to use electronic cigarette.

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