Sweets are normally considered off limits for those watching their diets. However, there are many healthy alternatives to sugary foods that can satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. There are even some products that are essentially sweets but which are also low in sugar and fat content.

Why Fruits are Always a Healthy Choice

There are few food products healthier than fruits, and there are also ways of turning fruits into sweet substitutes that don’t lose their healthy content. Grilled pineapple, banana, apple and pear slices have lower water content than fruits in their natural state, and grilling also brings out the natural sugars found in every one of them.

In place of a piece of apple pie, a dieter should consider having an apple that is cut in half and baked until it’s soft. The dish can then be completed with a topping of low-fat yogurt, some graham cracker crumbs and a dash of cinnamon.

A Substitute for Ice Cream

There are plenty of substitutes for those who like ice cream and are watching their calories. Low-fat ricotta cheese mixed with berries is a healthy dish that can entice any lover of ice cream.

A banana that is frozen into chunks and covered with almond milk will create a creamy blend that has the texture of ice cream. The dessert will be completed when topped with cinnamon and chopped walnuts.

Delicious frozen sandwiches can be made with light ice cream, or by substituting frozen yogurt for the real thing. Placed between two vanilla wafers, the creamy scoop can then be covered with bittersweet chocolate. For those on the go who want a sweet treat, shops like Yumz Frozen Yogurt in Chicago are great ways to cure that sweet tooth without hurting your diet.

Can Sweets be Tasty and Healthy?

Biscotti is a great tasting cookie that is also low in calories. These cookies come in different flavors, including almond-apricot and honey-pistachio.

The cocoa that comprises chocolate is believed to actually lower blood pressure. Cocoa powder is an ingredient of a dessert that also uses chocolate chia seeds, almonds and pitted dates that are blended into water. Formed into a paste and then shaped by a tablespoon into little balls, this treat needs less than an hour in the refrigerator before it’s ready to enjoy.

It’s possible to have a diet that is healthy and also features plenty of sweet-tasting items. The key is avoiding products that contain butter or have whipped toppings and concentrating on those that are low in fat.