Surrogacy Center

It took years and years for humanity to realize that surrogacy is a miracle. It is possible thanks to scientific progress, people’s irresistible love for children, and the desire to have them. Unfortunately, not all people can experience the joy of parenthood without going to specialized institutions – surrogacy centers or other institutions.

There are many reasons why this happens. Sometimes childlessness is a disease, and sometimes it is a decision that a couple does not want to give birth on their own. Each story is individual and requires a personalized approach and a personal decision. But there is something in common that everyone who starts the surrogacy journey will face. Their paths will cross at the surrogacy center.

It is a place of science and love where a miracle is born in the literal sense of the word. The surrogacy center is a place that can make sad people happy who have already lost hope of fulfilling their most cherished dream – holding their child in their arms. Biologically their own. There are traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. And this is where the significant differences in the topic we are discussing today begin – is surrogacy legal in the country where you live?

What could be the reasons for the ban on surrogacy in the country? 

Unfortunately, not all countries legally support surrogacy. For various reasons – religious, medical, ethical, etc. We won’t be able to dwell on each country and discuss the state of affairs there now or the prospects for changing attitudes. But let’s discuss, in general, what is wrong with surrogacy. Looking ahead, let’s say nothing. Everything is fine with the surrogacy process. The problems that prevent some countries from accepting this scientific miracle are often outdated.

But over time, we are sure that even more countries will conclude that surrogacy is not against nature and is not immoral or unethical. On the contrary, it is a part of the world in which incredible things happen thanks to it. Even today, a grieving woman unable to give birth can sing a song to her baby. Today, a same-sex couple who were afraid to declare themselves to the world yesterday can not only legalize their relationship but also hold twins in their arms, each of whom will be biologically related to each parent. Isn’t this a miracle?

What should I do next? 

A list of some of the countries where surrogacy is prohibited:

  • Austria
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Germany

So, having made the decision to start the path of surrogacy, the logical question is where to start and what to do in general. Any questions you may have about the legality of surrogacy centers in your country or the suitability of the program for you will be answered by the surrogacy agency.

The main thing is to refrain from wringing your hands. After all, the noble goal is worth it. Even if the country in which you planned a surrogate trip was unfavorable, do not be upset. Professionals will find you the right location, clinic, and time with conditions that will be most convenient for you and, most importantly, best suited to your needs.

So do not rush to put an end to your dream when you find out that your country prohibits or restricts the use of surrogacy. Most likely, you will have at least 2-3 countries to choose from, each of which will be happy to accept you and make your dream of holding your child in your arms come true. Can there be anything more incredible?

There will come a time when every country will regulate surrogate travel so that every couple or individual can contact a surrogate mother in their home country. And they will not face any resistance – legal, ethical, administrative, emotional, or bureaucratic problems. That is when we will know that the value of human life is above all else. Until then, we continue to work and popularize surrogacy among those who still see it not as a joy of life and hope but as a doubt and a warning.

Holding your child in your arms is the greatest happiness you can imagine. Your surrogacy journey is sure to be a fantastic one. Good luck!