In order to lose weight, build muscle, and strengthen your overall body, your system will require a wide variety of foods that contain healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. Eating protein also helps build and maintain muscle mass.

No matter what area of your body you are trying to strengthen, there is a superfood waiting to help you. Here are five superfoods that will give your body both the strength and endurance you are looking for.


Bananas are rich in potassium, which is a key electrolyte that your body needs for optimal function, but loses while exercising. In one study conducted at Appalachian State University, it was discovered that bananas are every bit as helpful as popular high-carb sports drinks to fuel cyclists while intensely exercising.

They’re also effective in preventing extreme muscle fatigue. Choose a healthy banana rather than a processed energy bar prior to working out since it’s such a nutrient-rich option.

Wild Salmon

Fish is another good source to build body strength, especially when it’s consumed after exercising in order to prevent muscle breakdown, or catabolism. Wild, fresh fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines are all prime sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered ‘good’ fats that are proven to fight off inflammation throughout the body.

Several athletes are more likely to develop inflammatory disorders as a direct result of over-training, which could lead to potential injuries and sore muscles.

According to a family dentist in Anchorage at Health Centered Dentistry, the Vitamin D found in salmon is critical for good oral health because the calcium helps to protect the teeth and gums from disease and breakdown.


Eggs, including both the white and the yolk, are considered a great food choice to provide protein and micronutrients. Dietary protein is crucial since it provides your body with essential amino acids that help nourish the body and build muscle tissue.

Eat a couple of hard-boiled or soft eggs along with some carbs within a 45-minute time period of exercising to help balance the cortisol response in your body, and to prevent the breakdown of your muscles.

Organic Coconut Oil

This versatile, healthy fat contains a great deal of ‘medium-chained’ fats to facilitate easy digestion while providing a key source of readily available energy for the body. Organic coconut oil naturally boosts metabolism, which enables the body to burn more energy and enhance athletic performance as well.

Also, it supports thyroid function and eliminates pancreatic stress, resulting in more energy overall.


Avocados provide your body with doses of healthy fat that an energetic body will use as fuel to get through a strenuous workout or a long, hectic day. They’re also a rich source of vitamin B6, K, and C along with fiber and folic acid.

Vitamin C works to support your adrenal glands and serves as a powerful antioxidant during times of intense stress. Although the B vitamin family supports a number of functions in your body, they are typically considered the ‘energy and stress’ vitamins.

Use these outstanding superfoods along with a sensible daily exercise routine to enhance your body strength, stamina, and overall health. With a little extra help from the vitamins and nutrients found in superfoods, you’ll enjoy an increase in strength and endurance before and after workouts, as well as in everyday life.