Recumbent Bike

The Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike is a popular choice for many novice exercisers; its signature color appeals to some while others just don’t seem keen on it but rather what it has to offer.

For sizeable apartments and homes, it’s a perfect fit as it takes up little space and has no frills. For additional back-support, this exercise bike has a backrest that alleviates stress on your back allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Currently retailing as only $114.99 on Amazon, it has many attractive features and is just a pleasure to look at. You’ll end up doing even more exercise than you anticipated on this cute’ pink folding bike.

Drive type and pedals

Its belt drive system assures you of a smooth, quiet ride throughout. The entire system is covered by the pink casing which not only provides safety but also eliminates the need for constant maintenance. The flywheel is incredibly light.

To provide unmatched comfort, the pedals have a non-slip feature and come with plastic straps to anchor your feet firmly. They are placed at an angle to your feet that is comfortable for spinning-type workouts but not for intense ones.


Just below the bike’s handle bar, there’s a tension know with 8 resistance levels. Just like with the other Sunny model, resistance is increased by turning the knob clockwise and vice versa. It is easy to reach the knob, making adjustments pretty easy; you don’t even have to stop cycling.

Though it doesn’t provide for the toughest training session, the higher level resistances will definitely get you sweating. At the highest resistance levels, you’ll notice some lack of uniformity during the up and down pedal actions; this is due to the light flywheel.

Display console

The pink display console only has room to display one parameter at a time. To switch between parameters, press on the mode button and you’re se to go. The parameters you get to view are speed, distance cycled, calories burned and your heart rate to name some.

How to start and stop

Being a manual exercise machine, the Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike starts once you start cycling; the console starts displaying the various parameters in a sequential pattern.

Once you’re done with your exercise and the console lies idle for several minutes, it automatically turns off.

It is powered by a battery and doesn’t require any other power sources to operate. It uses 2 AA batteries that are provided in the package.

Heart rate monitoring

To get a heart rate reading, you are required to hold onto the handlebars for a while when cycling, as this is the time the display will be on, and derive a reading.

The accuracy of this reading is quite dependable though not thoroughly; it can’t be far from your precise heart rate value.

The bike’s dimensions

When in use, the exercise bike has a height of 46 ins, a width of 19.5 ins and a length of 32 ins. Since this is a foldable bike, the dimensions change accordingly when folded and the height increases to 50 ins, the width to 20 ins and the length reduces to 20 ins.

The weight remains constant in either of the cases at 36.8 lbs. for safe and optimum use, the maximum user weight should ideally be 220 lbs.

The bike has a warranty of 1 year while its parts are warranted for 90 days.

Its pros

The exercise bike is extremely easy to assemble, fold and unfold for storage. Its quietness makes it perfect for use at any time without bothering others in the room.

Being very affordable, it is easy to acquire and several people can use it with the only requirement being adjusting the seat to their different heights. If you’re a lover of color, the pink will definitely appease to you. It is quite stable too.

Its cons

The bike has no accessories such as a water bottle holder or sockets to place your electronics. For enthusiast exercisers, the higher resistance levels won’t suffice. Let’s face it, not everyone loves pink.

As per the bikes design, you would be endangering yourself by standing on the pedals and would easily topple over. For most people, its seat is uncomfortable and prompts them to leave exercise mid-way.

The X-bar doesn’t make the task of mounting and dismounting the bike easy. Anyone under 5’3’’ would have a hard time use it.

Final verdict for the Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike

Looking at its pros and cons, one can’t help but be a bit skeptical about purchasing this bike. If you only exercise for fun though, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have this bike as you’ll probably be using it for short periods of time.

It is not a fit for intense trainers as its base is not wide enough to accommodate rigorous training. It’s definitely worth trying out.

Here’s a video overview of the Sunny Health & Fitness Folding  Recumbent Bike