Sudden Deaths

Sudden death is a real situation that happens every day and it raises many questions in the minds of people; this also happens to young people and everybody is asking how? When? Why? This is what prompted me to search and find out the reason or causes of sudden death.

Sometimes it is so hard to believe that someone you just saw yesterday and both of you had plans for the next day or a future event died in his/her sleep and couldn’t wake up or someone was sick and couldn’t recover and everyone know that this is a minor illness that shouldn’t take a life; or someone was working or walking and fell down and when taken to the hospital was confirmed dead, what! But I thought he just slipped or fainted due to stress or hunger (you know now, due to recession).

This is a serious and real life situation, many people are dying every day, families are grieving and left heartbroken; there are many causes for this and we will be looking at two main causes of sudden death.

Undetected illnesses

Sudden Death

This is the main reason for sudden death; there are some sicknesses that won’t give signs and symptoms till it is too late. Sometimes sicknesses can go undetected due to lack of routine medical checkup which can be caused by lack of finance or ignorance concerning routine medical checkups; and it can also be caused by carelessness.

Having an “I don’t care” or nonchalant attitude towards your health, no regular medical checkup, signs and symptoms are ignored or suppressed and even when you take drugs they are self-prescribed and you abuse them, this is a common situation in Nigeria, anybody can just go to a pharmacy and get what they want without a doctor’s prescription.

Then when they start getting the reward of their carelessness they will say “the witches in my village want to kill me”. Neglecting your health and not taking good care of your body opens the door wide for your village witches to come and attack.

Some will over work themselves and will not rest or sleep properly, this will lead to many health problems which the symptoms will be ignored by the person feeling it till the body reaches its breaking point.

While some will buy expensive phones, clothes and other things and they will tell you that fruits, vegetables and organic foods are very expensive and so feed on junks and other empty calorie foods; leading to malnutrition which is among the top four causes of deaths worldwide.

Some drink any how water and eats fruits without washing or eat foods that have been exposed to flies and dirt, they can even eat without washing their hands and they will tell you that “dirty no dey kill African man”; it is OK, continue.

You feel fruits and vegetables are expensive? Wait till you see your medical bills when you are knocked down by a serious illness, then you will wish that you had invested the money in your body by eating well which can prevent diseases and sudden death.

It is not only when you are sick that you go to the hospital, make it a habit to go for routine checkup.

There are some diseases that will not produce signs and symptoms till it is too late e.g. is hepatitis C (infection of the liver cells which leads to liver failure and death), magnesium deficiency (which leads to heart attack and sudden death), high blood pressure (till stroke or heart attack sets in or death), sleep apnea (till heart disease and type two diabetes sets in), glaucoma (till you suddenly go blind), polycystic ovary syndrome (ignoring irregular periods till serious and untreatable conditions sets in), lung cancer (which shows no symptoms till the damage is beyond repair) and other silent killers.

Routine checkup will help you know the states of your organs, your nutrient levels and to know what you are deficient in; when you do this continually, nothing will take you by surprise and you will live a healthy and happy life.

I know these tests can be very expensive but believe me there are cheaper than the costs of surgeries, oxygen, drugs, hospital bed fees, looking for organ donour, flying out of the country for major surgeries, mental and emotional stress on your family members and friends and other medical cost.

You can try to do these tests twice a year or at least once a year. You can also make a medical doctor your friend for advices on health and quick help when you need medical attention; no price is too great to pay for your health.

Our bodies are the only place we have to live in to function on the earth, when we don’t take good care of them and we disobey natural laws and principles, we will not stay long on the planet.

No one disobeys nature laws and go scot-free, you must pay the price of every of your action and choices, from what you eat to how you live your live day to day except you quickly make a U turn and start doing the right things, luckily mother nature is very forgiving.

If for now, finance is the reason you can’t go for routine checkup, I wrote an article titled how to live a healthy life; it points things we can do to keep our bodies strong and healthy and also helps in preventing sudden death.

When you do all these things for a good health; like obeying natural laws and principles, eating well, going for routine medical checkup, having positive emotions and thoughts and still you notice that you are getting sick, then the second reason can be responsible; but if you are guilty by being careless with your health, then you have no right to claim reason two as to why you are very sick.

The spiritual aspect

I am Nigerian and if you are a Nigerian too then you should be familiar with the phrase “the witches from the village” or “my village people”; this is a popular believe in Nigeria that there are people (“witches”) from ones village or family who don’t want them to progress and these people/witches can kill suddenly to achieve their aim.

This is true whether you believe in spirituality or not, whether you are religious or not. One’s success or bright future can make someone, even a family member envious of your success and can harm you.

No one can survive on this planet without a spiritual power backing him/her and to prevent this from happening to you or being a victim of a spiritual attack you need to draw close to God and know him for yourself.