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Substance Abuse: 5 Most Dangerous Addictions

Most of us agree on what addiction is, but fail to agree on which addictions may be dangerous. What may seem like a dangerous habit to one might mean party-time for another. Besides, dangerous addictions are something others engage in, right?

Although seemingly mundane, alcohol tops the list for the most dangerous addiction.


Smoking cigarettes is popularly known as an addiction, and most are aware that it is a dangerous one. Smoking is malevolent in a very personal way, unlike opioids or alcohol which create fallout around the addict.

Cigarettes have strong potential to become addictive because the habit looks very innocent and does not result in much danger to others, simply pleasure to oneself. The sad facts are that cigarettes snatch 13 years from the life of a male smoker through disease and steal 14 years from a female.


Alcohol is legally purchased, readily available and inexpensive. It has the potential to remain in the bloodstream long enough for a user to operate a vehicle under the influence, neglect children, engage in a physical altercation or pass out in harm’s way. Alcohol harms the heart, liver and brain, and ultimately leads to death through systems failure.

Court dockets are filled with Driving Under the Influence arrests. Thousands of dollars are spent for legal assistance to obtain the most favorable outcomes for individuals arrested under alcohol-related charges. If you find yourself in legal trouble due to a DUI charge, Clark & Clark LLC and similar firms can help you minimize your court problems and get your life back on track.


Opioids top the list for drugs that kill in a hurry. The risk of sudden death for those who abuse opioids is nearly six times greater than the risk for healthy individuals. One of opioid’s most popular derivatives is street heroin. Painkillers form a substantial addictive arm for opioids, in that these are prescribed drugs that become addictive in time and result in deadly overdose very quickly.

Just because the drug is used often and over time does not diminish its ability to strike and kill very suddenly. Michael Jackson’s untimely death is an example of sudden demise through the use of opioids.


Amphetamines are opioids’ evil backside. Amphetamines are prescribed today for children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. They have a calming effect on those with this disorder. The effect on ordinary people is a sense of revved-up performance, self-confidence, soaring happiness and well-being. They have the added advantage of weight loss.

The dark side is the steady erosion of emotional control, mental health and bodily functions. A great deal of time is taken up to obtain adequate quantities of the drug or recovering from the physical beating that amphetamines deal out to the user.


Food is the addiction that keeps on giving, in terms of poor body image, social handicaps, crippling weight, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and despair. Over-eating is a slow killer, and years of accumulated body fat shortens lives.

Addictions don’t start out as addictions. They begin by filling a need. Sometimes, that’s all it takes.

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