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Stuttering and Stammering – Causes, Treatments

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Stuttering is also known as Stammering, it is a common disorder especially in the young age children and it goes way in case of young age children but if you suffer from stuttering or stammering at the age of adulthood then it doesn’t go away without treatment. You’ve to consult with a doctor for speech therapy so they can give you advise and provide the best treatment for Stuttering.

What is Stuttering and Stammering?

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Stutter and Stammer both are the different words but having the same meaning. A Stammer is a speech disorder in which the stoppage and disruptions create intervention in the normal flow of speech and the timing of speech.These stoppages and disruptions may convert in the form of repetitions of words, sounds like he-he-hello and sometimes it been prolonged sounds so that the words may stretched too long like hhhhhhhhello.

In some cases stammering can be gentle, and not cause much problem in the flow of normal speech but in some cases it can be serious communication disorder. Mostly the stammer may take into strike in children at the age of 2 to 5 but if you start suffering from stutter at the age of adulthood it being Serious issue and consult with a doctor. People who suffer from Stutter start escaping the difficult words in between the conversation.

Difference between Stuttering and Stammering

Stuttering and Stammering creates confusion between people, they think both words are different and used for different kind of speech disorder but the truth is in North America and Australia Stuttering is commonly used and in Britain Stammering is more commonly used.

The Difference between Stuttering and Stammering is like a funny english in which two different words represent the same meaning like football also known as soccer.

Symptoms of Stuttering

Common symptoms associated with Stuttering are following :-

  • Jaw may blink rapidly
  • Tension in the voice
  • Certain words may prolonged
  • Stoppage in speech in tense condition
  • Face become red
  • Hesitation before starting to speak.
  • Foot tapping
  • Repeating words, sound or syllable.

Due to Stuttering people felt embarrassing in public speak and getting nervous before starting the speech and facing other problem like difficulties in breathing,consumes lots of energy, physical and mental stress. Stage or public speaking is a challenge for person who stutter.

Types of Stutters


In the most of the cases people suffer from the stutter due to genetic. In genetic stutter problem there must me any family member is suffered from the stutter that’s why stuttering inherited in the child.


In this type of stutter, if children younger than 5 year old suffer from the stutter then there is no need to be any treatment. It will goes away automatically and mostly males are suffered from stutter at the childhood.

Multiple Word Repetition

In this type of stutter saying single word more than one time in continuous flow like “they are/they are/they are.”

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In this type of stutter, the sound of the word being stretched     for a second of time like “Mmmmmmmummyyyy.”

Types of Stammering


In this type of stammer,if there is abnormalities between the connection of the brain and nerve system then it represent the neurogenic stammer.

Drug related

In this type of stammer, if the affected person stop taking the drug due to which the stammering is happened. It will completely goes away.

Stress related

In this type of stammer any kind of emotional trigger, loss in relationship and any type of bereavement can caused the stress related stammer.

Causes of Stuttering

Following are the causes of stuttering :-

  1. Family dynamic
  2. Neurophysiology
  3. Due to Inheritation
  4. Development of children
  5. Misconnection of brain and nerves

Some facts about Stuttering

  • Risk of stutter is more in boys as compare to girl.
  • Stutter may happen due to have brain injury.
  • Over 3 Millions “American” suffer from stutter.
  • Lots of famous people suffer from stutter.
  • Stuttering may differ from different people
  • Approx 70 million people in the world suffer from Stutter.
  • Stuttering is known as stammering in Britain.
  • Stammer may varies time to time but stutter cann’t.
  • Stutter problem seems all over the world.
  • Stutter may varies from language to language.

Diagnosis of Stuttering

Stutter can be diagnosed by the speech language pathologist (SPL), they can easily examined the degree of the stutter and what kind of  treatment will give to overcome the stutter.

You’ve to consider with a doctor when the following things are happen

  • If you feel the fear of stage or facing difficulties in speaking.
  • When the child starts Stutter after the age of 5 years.
  • If you stuttering more frequently while speaking.
  • When your muscles being tight while speak and create intervention in speaking.

SPL perform some test on you based on the facts or the symptoms they get while acknowledged you and according to it they take the necessary step. If it is not long term then no need to be take any action but it is long term then they use more assessment or observations to remove it.

Treatment for Stuttering

Treatment for stutter will not require from every people who suffer from the stutter. If it happens at the early age it will resolve without any treatment but in the elder age or in the adulthood it required the treatment to resolve it.

Following are some treatment which helpful to resolve the stutter effects.

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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help to reduce the interruption in speech and improve your child’s self confidence. Speech therapy basically focus on the problem of your child and encourage your child to speak more without any fear in public and individually also. They also monitor the rate of speech and the quality of speech, no of difficult words which are not able to use by the child in normal flow.

In this matter parents can also be helpful by using the therapy technique at home and try to teach the baby how to speak more frequently in the efficient manner.

Fluency shaping therapy

In fluency shaping therapy, try to smooth you speech by practicing in low speed, short phrases and sentences. The short sentences will help to stretch the vowels and consonant at the specific rate and increase your fluency of speech with practicing.

Other treatment

There is no medications by which we can reduce the stutter disorder you only reduce this by doing the physical things. Electronic device may helpful to reduce the stutter effect in the children and some patient will respond more with the electronic device. In the electronic device a voice is play on the background of  ear when child speak quickly and this voice is an altered recording of their voice.

Home remedy to cure Stuttering/Stammering

  • By using Indian gooseberry
  • By eating the mixture of black pepper with butter daily
  • Use the Brahmi oil to overcome the Stutter.
  • Almond, black pepper and sugar candy make a paste of it and lick it in the morning daily on an empty stomach. It will really help for you.
  • Cow Ghee is also helpful in Stutter disorder.
  • Cinnamomum tamala which is also known as tejpata will effecting in cure of stammering.

Top Exercise  to reduce Stammering in children and adults

  • Clearly and loudly pronounce the vowels and consonant
  • Breathing exercise will helpful to reduce the stammering effect. Keep more practice to inhale and exhale deeply.
  • Reading exercise are helpful to recognise the pattern of repetition of words and syllable that cause the stammering. Read a paragraph of any book with put pressure on you to make it right. Just being relax and slowly read the paragraph.
Stuttering and Stammering
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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Stuttering and Stammering
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