Strength training has mostly been reserved for adults. Some people are of the opinion that lifting weights will stunt the growth of a young adult or even cause injuries to them. According to recent studies, this may not be true. The risk of injury from lifting weights may be the same in adults and younger people. Compared to many other sports, weight lifting is can be safer. The activity is actually highly advantageous to young adults and kids.

We compiled a list of 5 important benefits of strength training for young adults.

1) Helps to Maintain or Improve Psychological Health
Going to the gym can help to improve confidence and teenagers typically struggle with depression and similar diseases. Many people who quit drugs use the gym as an alternative to their past bad habits, simply because it helps to balance the chemicals in the brain.
In addition, appearance can be important for some people in this age range. Teenagers are still growing, and are likely to get sucked into bad habits because of the challenges they experience in the course of their lives. These can be prevented by lifting weights in the gym consistently.

2) Builds Discipline

Like all other sporting activities, strength training builds discipline. Weight lifting is even more effective as it is taxing on the body and mind. Having the dedication to go through with the routine consistently can help build mental toughness and discipline. In fact, mustering enough energy to start a weight lifting routine is a great step in building discipline. To complete a few sets in the gym requires a person to focus on the task at hand and use extreme strength to accomplish their goals. This is not an easy task even for experienced adults.

Discipline and focus are very important to young adults since they are definitely going to experience a lot of influence as they grow up.

With proper discipline, the young adult is more likely to stay in school for the entire time required and is also more likely to study hard and post the best results they are capable of. In the same vein, they will end up being more positive about life in general as they have some accomplishments to refer to. Generally, strength training improves determination and gives people the discipline they need to achieve their goals.

3) Burns off Excess Fat
In today’s society obesity is a major concern. This is mainly because of the fatty foods that are more popular today and the sedentary lifestyles that people encourage. Being overweight increase the likelihood of getting lifestyle diseases, and these are usually life-threatening. In addition, overweight people may have less confidence.

You can counter this by joining a sport, and strength training is one of the best ways to get rid of excess fat. Young adults are less likely to watch their diets and may end up eating too much fat and carbs from less healthy food options. These can be eliminated in the gym. With time, the discipline built in the gym will even make them more capable of following through with a more balanced diet.

4) Promotes Bone Density

After puberty, many people begin to lose bone mass. Usually, both men and women lose about 1 percent of their bone mass every year. This condition can be reversed by taking part in strength training.

Increasing bone density is important for kids and young adults as they are usually very active. Sports can be dangerous for people with weaker bones. Most people hold the belief that strength training is dangerous to the bones and muscles of young adults. Ironically, attending the gym consistently is going to reduce the risk of injury in other sports.

5) Increases Energy Levels
A major reason why people fail to get things done is that they don’t have enough energy. This even happens when they have had sufficient food. Apparently, this is usually because of inactivity. People who engage in physical activity increase the metabolism in their bodies, and this results in the release of more energy. In addition, they develop an aerobic base. Because of this, they are capable of withstanding higher amounts of work. Strength training can help young adults raise their energy levels throughout the day.

Are there any Negative Effects of Strength Training on Young Adults?

Of course, people get injured in the gym regardless of age. To eliminate this risk, you should make sure they are always guided by a professional instructor when performing the workouts. With more experience, they will build strength and bone density, therefore, lowering the chances of injury.


Strength training is beneficial for young adults. Through this fitness activity or sport, they are able to build strength, discipline, and confidence. It may also allow them to maintain great physical and mental health.