Breast Cancer

According to research, cancer is among the top ten deadliest diseases that affect people across the world. Cancer results mainly from the type of lifestyle that we lead.

Should you be diagnosed with cancer, it is quite a bit unfortunate that most of the doctors tend to treat the disease based on the affected area and the symptoms rather than treating the root cause of cancer. If the root cause is not treated, the disease keeps on recurring and this may lead to loss of a body part or finally leading to death.

The modern approach of administering medicine to the patients is based on the symptoms and the disease we have, it would be advisable to dig deeper for underlying cause of the disease.

For functional medicines, the doctor is able to identify the thriving disease and it helps in showing how to start changing those conditions. They empower the doctors and patients to address the root causes of the disease.

Cancer is a result of an imbalance in the body system. Actually, there are very many people walking around with chronic diseases and yet they are not aware of it. It is very important to go for diagnosis to detect whether there are chances of having a disease. If detected early enough, one would be able to treat it or if it is not there, there are ways of preventing it, that is, by living a healthy life.

The way functional medicine addresses the disease is by terming it as a systematic problem and thus we have to treat the whole system, rather than the symptom. That is, the cause but not the disease.

There are many causes of cancer and according to the studies, diet, exercise, thoughts, feelings as well as the environmental toxins can greatly influence the start, growth and the progress of cancer. Having stated some of the major causes of cancer, there are measures that the affected individual can use to reverse the disease or rather stall the growth of cancer.

For instance, for the aforementioned causes, we can have a proper diet with balanced and enough nutrients, carry out physical exercises regularly, change our way of thinking and the way we react to stress, and detoxification can greatly reduce and stop the progression of cancer. It goes without saying that we should always treat the cause or the ground on which the disease is growing rather than the disease. This would guarantee us a healthy and sustainable living.

Through our change of diet, we can improve the functionality of our immune system. Facilitating of detoxification system enhances the elimination of carcinogenic compounds. We can improve our metabolism and at the same time reducing the cancer effect from consumption of lots of insulin which is got from a high sugar and carbohydrate diet.

As stated that cancer results from imbalance that is in our system, whereby the immune system is unable to fight off the tumors, there are many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ways that we can prevent the cancer from getting to full stage.

Naturalon has stated some of the major foods that any cancer patient can access which see to it that the immune system is put back to balance and thus able to fight back the cancer thus it can’t grow. It is with these foods that we can make our body inhospitable for the cancer cells to live in.

Although sometimes it may be hard to completely cure cancer with proper directive measures from specialized practitioners, at least these foods can go a long way in making the cancer cells in the body to be insignificant.

As much as cancer maybe scary, at least there is something that you can always do to improve the condition. To sum it up, the healing process always starts from the mind. That is how you think of it. It is thus very important not to lose hope.