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Stop Smoking and Look 10 Years Younger

Hey, People! The common statutory warning, on the back cover of a pack of cigarette is not enough for you. You love that sleek, white, slender, cylindrical object and its obnoxious touch on your lips. Do you know with every puff of a cigarette, you generally inhale, 4000 different types of chemicals?

Nah! I think you were not aware of it. Well, if you do not bother about the life you lead, I think one thing you surely care about, that is your ‘beauty’. Studies say that smoking can make you look older.

Average smoker’s puffs 20 cigarettes a day and are more likely to wrinkle prematurely than the non-smokers are. If you think to abstain from the older looking aspects, then hurry and get on with quitting.

People will give you reasons that quitting smoking will help you to stay away from the risk of cancer, lung infections etc. However, do you know, with quitting you can also start looking younger? Bet your wrinkle, skin, hand, sweet-smelling hair all will leave with a youthful impression.

Say ‘Tata’ to Wrinkles

When you put the cigarette in your mouth again and again, the skin of your cheek starts to creek. And feathery lines start coming out often. If you want to have a smooth skin and, if you want to look ten years younger, then: Stop Smoking Now!

If you do not quit then be sure that you will be looking 50 in your early 40s. So, my dear men and women do you want those bad wrinkles on your skin?

Walla! You Are Glowing So Much

As I said earlier, that if you quit smoking then you can look younger. That cigarette smoke coils near your face, simply casts a gray patch on your skin.

The minute chemical particles on your skin settle. Closes the pores and your skin forgets to breathe. If you quit smoking, that heavy particles of cigarette will stop to settle and your skin start glowing once more.

Oxygen circulation will become normal and you will get a healthy skin. No grayer cast over the skin and you will start looking fresher and brighter.

I Hate My Hair

As you smoke the swirling coils of smoke settles in your hair and catch the scent existing in your hair, it will follow you wherever you go. Even at times, due to smoking, the natural color of the hair is lost and this discoloring effect is going to make look older than your age.

When you will quit smoking, only sweet smell of the shampoo will, persist and even retain that powerful impression that you used to retain.

I Love My Nimble Fingers

If you are a long time smoker, then you will find nicotine marks on your fingertips. When you will quit smoking that stain will automatically vanish. Pretty hands, how lovely. That ugly nicotine would not be a good impression on the people with whom you shake hands.

Say ‘Cheese’

Look at your teeth, is it looking so pale and yellow. And yes, the proverb says, ‘Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow’, now what to do with that? The ugly nicotine has made your teeth look so rotten.

Think, when you smile at others with those yellow teeth, how bad can be the impression of the man standing near you. He or she might be a business associate, a friend or maybe even a stranger.

I think the smokers love to stay young just like the non-smokers, so people here are your chance to play safe. Quit smoking today and start looking 10 years younger.

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