Figure Skater

Figure skating may well be a beautiful sport to watch and take part in, but it doesn’t come without its injuries. Some figure skaters have succumbed to career-ending injuries on the ice due to no fault of their own, but many others could have probably prevented their injuries.

If you’re a professional or amateur figure skater, have a look at some of the below tips to keep your body in excellent shape.

Warm Up Before Getting on the Ice

One key element before undertaking any sport is to warm up before. Simple stretching techniques can make a world of difference to your performance but, more importantly, they could be the difference in preventing a severe injury. If your muscles and ligaments are stiff during practice you’ll find you are much likelier to incur an injury, so make sure you loosen up a bit before getting on the ice.

Invest in the Right Skating Gear

Figure skating is all about trying to get the right balance. If you’re not comfortable during skating you’re not going to be well-balanced – which is often a problem that can cause several injuries. Be sure to invest in the right clothing to keep you comfy, but more importantly, invest in the right skates and soul comforts to give your body more balance to thrive.

Eat Right

Looking after your body off the ice is just as important as looking after your body on it. Make sure you eat the food and vitamins needed to keep your body fueled throughout strenuous training sessions and competitions. This will help you stay in excellent shape for many years to come so you can carry on showing off your skills on the ice.

Exercise Regularly

While figure skating is a great sporting activity to get fit from, it would also be wise to entertain the idea of other workout activities during the week before stepping on the ice. This will keep your body warmed up throughout the week and your muscles will be less stiff when practice or competitions take place. You’ll also find that you’ll get much fitter and figure skating will be much easier on the joints.

Become a Versatile Skater

While many figure skaters tend to practice the same routine over and over, it’s not always the best thing for your joints and muscles. Even if you need to practice a routine for an upcoming competition, be sure to practice a variety of skills and moves to go with it so you’re not constantly using the same muscles and joints.

Don’t Try Anything Fancy If You’re Not Confident

While it’s important to have a bit of variety in your routine, it’s still wise to only try moves you’re comfortable with. Don’t try any summersaults or the triple salchow jump if you’re not comfortable on the ice, otherwise, an injury is likely just around the corner.

While there are many common figure skating injuries that can come about at no fault of your own, it’s still important you look after your body off the ice to give you a better chance on it. A fitter and healthier lifestyle will not only help you prevent horrific injuries, but it will also make you an all-round better figure skater.