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Statins, Cholesterol and Fat: Which is Too Much?

I am sure as you were growing up, just like I was, you were told that fats were bad and that too many of them could cause heart disease.

When you were young you might have not cared too much because you probably did not give heart disease a second thought as a child.

But now that you are older and your doctor told you that you have high cholesterol you may have wished you listened and watched how much fat you ate.

But does fat in your diet and high cholesterol really lead to heart disease?  Although our pharmaceutical companies would like us to believe that they do, there is no real proof that they do.

Furthermore, if you have fallen for the whole story you have been told by your doctor you may be taking a statin, a drug that is supposed to lower your cholesterol. Did you know that there is no proof that statins work?

Although there has been countless ads on how you should be on a statin if your cholesterol is above a certain number there is no concrete evidence that they work.

Matter of fact “half of the people who are admitted to hospitals in America with cardiovascular disease have normal cholesterol, and half of the people with elevated cholesterol have normal hearts.” (Fox News)

A further problem is that the medical profession is now putting kids on statins. We as parents need to take a step back and realize a couple of things. One, statins have severe side effects even for adults; and two, they have never been tested on kids.

Statins have several serious side effects for adults such as extreme muscle weakness, clouded mind, forgetfulness, increased risk of cancer, sexual dysfunction, pancreatic dysfunction, immune system suppression, hepatic dysfunction (due to the potential increase in liver enzymes, patients must be monitored for normal liver function) and Type 2 diabetes.

Several new studies have been done, and although they have not reached the mainstream doctors yet, they advise that if you have not had a heart problem you should not be on statins, and if you are a woman you should not be on them at all.

Other studies make the argument that it is not even cholesterol or fatty foods that cause heart problems. The argument is that fatty foods are high in cholesterol and that the cholesterol blocks our arteries and eventually causes a stroke or a heart attack.

If you think about this, what would make the fat just go in the arteries and not the veins?  Nothing! And, if you knew that our body produces 75% of our own cholesterol it is hard to imagine that it could be bad for us.

I would like to suggest before you rush to go on statins yourself, or put your kids on them, do a little research and find out for yourself.

Do not take your doctors word for it, and question it especially before you put your kids on it. There is a lot of proof that sugar does more harm to your heart than cholesterol.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.

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