Physiotherapy Clinic

Being new at something is always difficult, and it is even more so with entrepreneurship and starting a business on your own for the first time. Do not worry, there are so many things and people out there who can help you with the process, that you will be surprised with the ease you are handling certain things.

Nevertheless, if you have the motivation and the desire to help other people, especially those in pain and with physical problems, everything will be easier for you.

Business plan and location, location, location…

Before starting any job, make sure you have a solid business plan before you. All your goals, financial framework, and marketing ideas should be represented here, so that when you show it to potential partners and investors they see that your idea is well-developed.

Also, the location of your future clinic is extremely important. Are there other clinics in the area? This usually means there is need for them as well. In his book Starting And Managing Your Own Physical Therapy Practice Samuel Esterson talks about things which are important for any entrepreneur in the physical therapy business.


Speaking of other clinics, you should do a thorough research to see just how many clinics there are in the area. More clinics mean more patients who need them, but it also means tougher and fiercer competition.

Nevertheless, you can turn the tables and take an advantage of the fact that you are just beginning with the job. Bigger clinics, especially corporate ones, are colder and more sterile, and you can offer you patients and physicians more of your time. This will help you build some solid relationships and gain people’s trust, so you will be known as a great physical therapy provider in their circles.


In order to provide the best possible care for the patients in your clinic, you need to have good equipment. It is beyond doubt that good equipment costs a lot of money, but you can compare the prices and save great deal of money by being practical.

And it is often better for you r patients, because by implementing equipment such as sport cords, ballet bars, and resistance bands in your exercises, you are giving them the opportunity to mimic the exercises at home.

Patterson Medical, renowned medical suppliers, point out that it’s important to check your supplier and see if they are reliable. Your physio equipment should be of highest quality so your patients could get better and be safe while they are working hard to recover.

Finding patients

No matter if your clinic will be located in the city centre or a small village in a distant part of the country, you will need a marketing strategy in order to find patients.

Talk to you colleagues at healthcare and hospitals to get some information. Also, be available for the patients who seek out physiotherapy independently. And once you start, the word of mouth will be your best recommendation.

To sum up, this career is a tough and difficult one and not all people can handle living and working like that. Self-motivation and a positive drive to move forward and ever grow will get you a long way.

Remember, when things get difficult, when the red tape threatens to swallow you up and the day is particularly bad, take a few moments to think of all the things you love about your job. This will give you strength and motivation to move forward.