Nasal Deformities

Many nasal deformities are congenital, though there are also quite a few that can develop from poor living choices. For example, if you’re the type who gets in regular fist-fights, that can be bad for the cartilage in your nose.

Also, people who are fond of substance abuse can totally ruin the septum which separates nostrils, leading to a rather flat proboscis.

Accidents can also change the way the nose appears, and develop in a way that’s not your fault at all. However, these things are a far cry from being born with something that impacts your ability to breathe, or represents an emotional impediment.

Either way, this writing will go over a few common nasal deformities and things you can do to counteract them.

Familiar Nasal Deformities

First, it’s notable that though females tend to seek cosmetic surgery for nasal deformities more than men, it’s not by much.

If you had around 250 people cut down the middle in terms of gender, you could expect something like 130 or 140 of them to be female, and 110 to 120 to be male.

One of the most common deformities cosmetic surgeons see is something called a “broad dorsum”. Additionally, they regularly saw “bulbous columella”, and something called “deviation”. Over time, deviation tends to become more pronounced.

Also, columella of the upward variety was more likely to be seen among more mature patients.

Just to unpack that a bit in terms that aren’t medically complex, the “dorsum” is that front part of the nose nearer your forehead, and the columella is the tip of your nose. Deviation involves the septum between nostrils.

How To Handle Nasal Deformities

If you’re experiencing breathing or psychological issues owing to nasal problems, it may be wise for you to consult the auspices of a cosmetic surgeon. Beyond physical benefits, good plastic surgery often leads to key psychological benefits as well.

If you can breathe better, you feel better. This helps your mind be at peace. If you’re at peace, then you’ve got less stress.

Reduced stress increases your youthful appearance and expands your body’s ability to fight off infection. Your immune system gets better. Additionally, even if your plastic surgery were solely cosmetic, your new profile will help reduce mental stress.

The question then becomes: how do you find the right sort of plastic surgeon? There are many different things that should go into your choice of cosmetic surgeon for any nose work.

The location, the sort of professional you’re working with, the sort of work you get done, associated cost—all are considerable things you want to factor into this medical equation.

If you’re in the south, you might want to look into this provider of rhinoplasty in Dallas, TX. If you’re not near that region, you might use the link as a point of reference for cosmetic surgeons located in other regions.

A Nose On Your Face That Looks And Feels Right

There are a lot of reasons to consider surgeries like rhinoplasty. For one thing, many people have deformities that are congenital, and can only be fixed with cosmetic surgery.

For another, sometimes a perfectly natural nose that doesn’t appear as you would prefer can be altered in ways that ultimately end up making you feel better emotionally.

The key to going about the process of acquiring surgery for your nasal issues is to take your time and do your research.

Especially for congenital defects, you may be able to find scholarships that lessen associated costs. There are very likely solutions out there for what you’re dealing with, and as the year moves on, you might want to consider a few.