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Some Effective Pick-up Lines to Get a Guy


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Sometimes it is so difficult to start a conversation with the guy you like. I mean, it is difficult to choose that very first phrase that will give a start to an easy conversation and finally exchange phone numbers and perhaps even arrange a first date.


Unfortunately, lots of girls are too shy to break the ice and therefore miss a chance to get a guy they like. If you are one of these girls, just cast away all fears and do not be afraid to make the first move. Here are some time-tested pick-up lines created by Brides Stars that will help you get any guy.

The Cher

This is not about a pop diva, this is about Cher from a popular movie Clueless, that was released far back in 1995. Though the movie is not new one it shows some powerful pick-up tricks. So, there is an episode when the lead character Cher drops a pink fluffy pen for her schoolmate to pick it up.

Of course, the pen fell not accidentally, it was a well- thought plan on how to arrest his attention. The moral of this story is that a usual “Thank You” can give a start to a conversation.

The Dummy

There are lots of jokes about a mess in a woman’s purse. So why not turn this into a benefits. If you want to exchange phone numbers with a guy, but do not want to seem presumptuous, ask him to call you, explaining that you can’t find your phone and doing this would be easier if it rings.

This little trick will help you give him your number and get his. He is unlikely to understand what is going on and even if he does, he won’t be able to say no.

The Acquaintance

Look into his eyes as if you are trying to remember something. Then make an innocent and somewhat puzzled expression on face and ask if you have ever met before.  Say his face seems very familiar but you can’t remember when and where you have met. If he is a smart boy, he will play along, if not – you can try to remember this at tea or coffee.

The Diva

If you want to interest a guy, you should not be shy. Never forget that there is a self-assured diva living inside you, so release her and make the first step. If you are in a bar or restaurant and see a cute guy, come up to him and ask: “can I buy you a drink?”. Although he may be a little bit shocked at first, he is unlikely to say No to such a daring attempt.

When using these or any other pick-up lines, remember that much depends on how you say it. You have to beam assurance, otherwise even the best phrases will not work. Every girl deserves having the best guy, so do not miss your chance of getting one. So, do not be shy, use one of these tricks and go ahead!

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