Some Advice for Couples Who Have Recently Become Parents

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Becoming a new parent is one of the most amazing things you can experience but it can also be a daunting prospect.

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Almost all new parents are heavily armed with information on the details of parenthood, but there isn’t so much advice on dealing with the strain that parenthood can have on a relationship.

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Don’t feel pressure in the bedroom

There are so many pressures in the modern world that it can be easy to allow the weight of expectation to temper your desires and cloud what you want.

Indeed, in recent times, many men have turned to male enhancement pills to ensure that they are fully functional when getting intimate with their partners.

In the weeks and even months after having children, there is so much responsibility and activity, that it can be hard to find time for such an important aspect of a relationship.

In addition, many people can struggle with body confidence issues in the first period of time after having children and this can diminish their feelings of desire. The most important thing for a person is not to put pressure on themselves and to recognise that everyone should take things at their own pace.

Communication is key

Indeed, this follows onto the next point, something that is fundamentally important to any relationship – communication. Communication is always key.

Whether you’re discussing more intimate issues, or the banalities of the weekly shop, communication is the one thing that makes a relationship tick.

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Simply chatting about things allows couples to iron out any difficulties or misunderstandings that they may have, and to progress in tandem. When couples don’t talk, little annoyances can build up into big issues.

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It’s important not to allow things to fester. This is always true in a relationship, but especially when you are going through all the challenges of raising kids for the first time.

Recognise that you are both experiencing something totally new

And that brings us onto the next point – it’s important to remember that you are both going through something completely new.

Having kids is an incredible, life-changing and life-affirming experience, but it is one that can also put a lot of strain on parents.

It’s important to remain emotionally in touch with your partner and appreciate that through all of the trials and tribulations of raising a family, you are both going through this new experience for the first time.

Whilst both parents will inevitably have moments of supreme stress, the more that they are able to extend compassion to one another, the easier the experience will be.

Make time for one another

Finally, it is very important for new parents to continue to spend quality time together.

Whether that means calling one of the grandparents to come and help with childcare, or employing a reputable childminder, spending time together allows new parents to reaffirm the foundations of their relationship in a setting that is not completely orientated around their children.

There has been a lot of research and polling on the benefits of spending time together as a couple and the results are fairly conclusive – parents who focus on maintaining the bonds of their relationship are more relaxed and attentive.

Couples kissing
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