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Sole Water Benefits and 5 Reasons Why You Should Drink It Everyday

Have you ever heard of the word sole water? Well, its okay if you haven’t and its time for you to learn about this amazing natural drink.

Sole water pronounced as sol-ay water is a mixture of unrefined salt and warm water. It supports the body’s natural abilities to regulate and heal itself. For years we might have been told that salt can be detrimental to our health.

This is only true when we are consuming refined salt excessively. Refine salt may be harmful to our health because it has lost its natural mineral elements however concentrated salt solution made with 100 percent natural salt is healthy and good for the body.

When we say natural salt, we talk about unrefined salt. Unrefined salt helps to balance blood sugar, regulate metabolism and also help to build and keep the bones healthy. What does the mixture of unrefined salt and water do in the body? I’ll tell you five reasons why you should drink sole everyday.

  1. Ease digestion process
  2. Detoxification
  3. Helps to keep the bone healthy
  4. Helps to balance the body’s minerals
  5. Skin protection

1. Ease digestion process

Sole water when taken in the morning before breakfast helps to activate the salivary glands in the mouth to release amylase. It also helps the stomach to stimulate hydrochloric acid and protein-digesting enzymes which help to break down food.

Undigested food which sits in the stomach for long and ferments on its own releases gas that may lead to heart burns and this is as a result of poor digestion, and this poor digestion problem can be solved by just drinking a mixture of natural salt and warm water to begin your day every morning.

Warm salt water does not only help to solve poor digestion problems it also helps and supports the stomach natural functions.

2. Detoxification

Since natural salt is rich in minerals, sole water helps the body in the natural detoxification process. People who suffer indigestion is as a result of their gastrointestinal tract building up undigested food and waste over time, and when these food ferments slowly in the stomach, it causes pathogens to grow.

These pathogens release toxins of their own and continually leading to a worse state of indigestion. But a simple sole solution can help you flush out those wastes and toxins by cleansing your digestive tract and also stimulating rapid bowel movements.

3. Helps to keep the bones healthy

Bone disorder is caused when the body uses calcium and other minerals from the bones to neutralize the blood acidity or when the bones do not get enough of the mineral elements required on a daily basis.

Natural salt contains lots of healthy minerals and also an alkalinizing effect which can help to improve bones health.

4. Helps to balance the body’s minerals

Sicknesses and diseases can be traced to a mineral deficiency. So this makes minerals an essential part of our nutrition. Without minerals, our body system does not function correctly the way it should.

Due to our consumption of highly refined foods and our depleted soil, mineral deficiencies are now common than ever. Sole water made with unrefined salt is a good source of other vital minerals needed in the body. Some of these minerals include zinc, magnesium, titanium, chromium e.t.c

5. Skin protection

Some of the minerals in natural salt helps the skin to look and feel good. Minerals such as chromium help to fight acne and also reduce skin infections.

Sulfur also helps to protect the skin against infections such as eczema which is caused as a result of sulfur deficiency and also sulfur helps to keep the skin smooth.

Zinc helps to boost the immune system and promote rapid healing of wounds. Other health benefits of sole water include; reduction of blood pressure, promote healthy veins, reduce muscle cramps and improves the body’s energy.

How to make sole water?

To make sole water follow the guide below. However unrefined salt (sea salt) is recommended

  1. Fill a litre jar with filtered water and add a half tablespoon of sea salt
  2. Cover the solution (use a plastic storage cap) and shake it properly then leave it to sit for 24hours.
  3. After 24 hours check to see if salt crystals are dissolved
  4. Add a little more salt and when the salt no longer dissolves then the solution is ready.
  5. Store covered in a cool dry place.

How to take sole water?

To take sole water, add a half teaspoon of sole water to a glass of warm water in the morning before breakfast, and if it tastes salty, then it is perfect for you. But if it tastes too salty then dilute it with a little more warm water.

After learning about what unrefined salt does in the body I bet you must want to try the sole solution well all you need do is to visit the nearest supermarket or mall close to you and get a pack/sachet of unrefined salt and see how it will work magic and keep your body healthy.

Loveth Oghara
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