Fitness Tracker

If the craze for wearable technology has finally managed to get to you, then you are most likely confronted with two options: a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

While in both the options, you have some of the biggest and best names to choose from; for example, smartwatches have big brands like Apple and Samsung while Fitbit and Garmin are some of the more popular names in the world of fitness trackers.

However, they are both expensive in their own way and while smartwatches offer more features, they might just not be the best option for you.

What is a smartwatch?

Their main agenda is to improve your performance in the professional world by helping you stay abreast of all your emails, phone calls, reminders and notifications, even if you don’t have your phone around you.

If you are in an important meeting where you cannot take out your phone, or just don’t want to go through the hassle of placing these big phones back in the diminishing pockets these days, then a smartwatch will inform you about all the important and mails and calls that demand your attention as soon as you can get back to your phone.

This will significantly reduce the time that you spend on your phone as you already know what you have to do and thereby not spend time scrolling about your alerts on your phone.

What is a fitness tracker?

For the fitness freaks who cannot have one meal without counting their calories, a fitness tracker or a band is what we recommend.

It records all the tiny details like the steps you’ve covered, the distance you’ve run, the calories you consumed throughout the day, your hydration, and sleeping statistics – that all come together to help you lead an active and healthy life.


While the watches tend to be more expensive than the bands, you don’t necessarily have to go for the most expensive one to get going. The basic ones in both categories will help you achieve the main purpose for which they were created.

However, paying a little more can get you additional features like different finishes and colour options.

Why choose a fitness band?

Get it if you are more into fitness. It helps you understand your overall progress in achieving a healthy life. However, that’s not all that there is to it.

Additional features are also incorporated in fitness bands such as getting notifications on your band when you get a message or a call and even GPS. However, the small screen makes it difficult to understand the messages at one quick glance.

Fitbit, especially deserves a special mention, as it has an app with which you compare your results with your loved ones and help each other stay motivated.

Invest in a good one and you get a band that does all this and much more while being comfortable enough to be worn all day irrespective of how much you have been sweating.

Why choose a smart watch

If you spend all day looking at your phone, this is a good choice. By just looking at your wrist, you will know about all the calls, social media updates, texts, emails, social media updates and reminders for the day.

Some even allow you to dictate messages or make a call through your watch. However, let us remind you that while these functions are impressive, it would also mean having your battery draining faster than you can imagine.

The bottom line

Both the products are continuously getting updated through technology. While many bands are coming with functions that provide more advanced notifications, the smartwatches have apps that give you detailed information about your health and activity levels.

So with both of them getting better day-by-day, the difference between the two is rapidly diminishing.