The mere uttering of the word “diet” can send fear into the hearts of many. It conjures up images of hunger pangs, lethargy, and exhaustion; and is usually followed by relapses of binge eating and feelings of guilt. But dieting done correctly will involve none of these things. Depending on your eating habits, dieting correctly may involve a complete lifestyle change.

But whether you need to lose five pounds or fifty, choose to enlist the aid of a weight loss doctor or tackle it on your own, the following celebrity weight loss tips can help you find the new slimmer you.

Juicing and Smoothies

Drinking fresh vegetable and fruit juices and/or smoothies daily is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. Many people even find themselves feeling hungry less often once they’ve satisfied their body’s nutritional needs with fresh juice.

Take it Easy on the Carbs

Carbohydrates, or white foods, can be your body’s enemy. If you eat too many carbohydrates in a day, such as bread, crackers, and pasta, it converts straight to sugar. Carbs also tend to slow down your metabolism, which causes you to feel sluggish, which in turn makes you less active. Less activity means less calories being burned.

Calm Those Sugar Cravings

Instead of a brownie, reach for a piece of fruit or cup of yogurt instead. Fruits do contain sugar but they also contain many healthy vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs. Also keep plenty of nuts and raisins handy. They will help to satisfy that urge to snack.

Eat Often

There’s no scientific basis for eating the traditional three meals a day. Your body will function better if you feed it small amounts every two hours instead of fasting between meals. Feeding your body often throughout the day helps maintain a healthy metabolism and encourages your body to burn calories regularly throughout the day. It also aids in the prevention of those sugar cravings.

Don’t Eat from the Package

The potato chip commercials are correct. You can never eat just one. But unfortunately, most of us eat too many. Whether your weakness is potato chips, crackers, or even ice cream, portion control is the key. Never eat snacks straight from the bag, unless it contains a single serving.

Weight loss involves more than a diet change, it is a lifestyle change. Don’t let fear prevent you from making that all important choice.