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Sleep Wrinkles Ever Heard about Them?

A good beauty nap is top recommendation for fighting aging skin. And yes it gives you a rejuvenated mind, body and health. But surprisingly, your sleep could be aging you. Wondering how? Well your sleeping position is to be blamed for deepening those lines. Skin aging is a cumulative effect of many factors and it’s difficult to pinpoint to one.

Nonetheless, there are certain sleep positions that leave deep lines and wrinkles on your skin. Better known as sleep wrinkles, they are formed by the distortion of delicate facial skin during sleep against the pillow. People have many sleep postures and you can image how your skin gets treated every time you dash upon the pillow.

Sleep positions that give you wrinkles

Sleeping on your stomach

This can be worst position to get sleep wrinkles. Your entire face is smashed against the pillow. Typically, your forehead is affected the most with sleep marks engraved more prominently. For stomach sleepers it is common to see vertical lines slashed across the face when they wake up in the morning.

Sleeping on the side

According to a study most people spend 60 percent of their sleep time facing sideways. Though it’s pretty difficult to avoid sleeping sideways, you can always turn your sides frequently without favoring just one side. The effects of sideway sleep can be best seen around your lips and cheeks. As mentioned earlier, it is best to keep alternating your sides.

Sleeping on your back – It is the best!

If you are accustomed to sleeping mostly on your back then you are less prone to get sleep wrinkles. Sleeping on your back helps to avoid wrinkles because you are not squishing your face against the pillow at any time. Besides, you will also be able to avoid the breakouts caused by the bacteria build up on your pillow. You allow your skin to rejuvenate best when you do back sleeping.

How can you avoid sleep wrinkle?

  • Well for most, it is difficult to bring a change in your sleeping habit and the position. But you can stay little vigilant about the position you sleep in, especially if you are a stomach sleeper.
  • Change the fabric of pillow cover. If you feel the pillow cover is to rugged, it is best to switch to silk and baby soft fabrics.
  • Memory foam pillow is another option. This pillow molds according the impression made on it and encourages you to stay still.
  • Improve your daily anti aging skin habits. The way you keep your skin and daily skin regimen also make an impact on the sleep wrinkles and wrinkles in general. Eat healthy, keep your skin well moisturized, exfoliate within limits and don’t forget the SPF. Stash your skin care kit with a really good lip balms, cleanser, serum, eye cream, rejuvenating mask, night cream,  and anti aging cream like Lifecell Skin Cream. But before using it, know everything about how to use Lifecell Skin Cream.
  • And the most important point – Don’t stress. A good sleep is still the best way to reduce aging. Don’t keep stressing the whole night about your sleeping position. All you have to do is keep a check and not toss all night without any sleep at all.
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