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Sleep Talking: Why Do We Talk in Our Sleep?

As much as we don’t like it (or feel irritated by it!), sleep talking isn’t uncommon. In fact, half of all children between 3 and 10 years of age have been found to regularly sleep talk. Although the exercise itself isn’t harmful to your body, it can result in a lack of meaningful rest for anybody around you.

We share exactly why we talk in our sleep, and how to cope with sleep talking to make your time sleeping in bed feel more invigorating:

What is Sleep Talking?

Sleep talking is professionally known as somniloquy, and is defined as a sleeping disorder that makes people talk whilst they’re sleeping.

The condition itself is more common in males and children than it is in women, with a poll demonstrating that more than 1 in 10 young children talk in their sleep.

Sleep talking can take place in the form of a simple mumble and even range to a full-blown monologue. Despite it being embarrassing for the person doing the talking, it can provide the people around them with a lot of entertainment!

What Causes Sleep Talking?

Although there is no clear cut reason as to why we sleep talk, there are a range of factors that could influence the amount of time you spend speaking. A REM sleep behaviour disorder can cause shouting whilst sleeping and the following factors can also have an impact:

High stress levels

High stress and anxiety levels have huge impacts on your sleep as a lack of relaxation can prevent you from having a restful nap. This means that the amount of stress you endure in day-to-day life can affect sleep and cause disruption, leading to an increased chance of sleep talking.

Alcohol intake

Alcohol is a sleep talking instigator and can cause lack of quality sleep. Although having a drink before bedtime can aid you when it comes to falling asleep faster due to feeling drowsier, it doesn’t guarantee a solid rest. This makes sleep talking a common issue.


The medication that people take means that some people are more prone to somniloquy than others. You can usually find out whether or not you’re at an increased risk of sleep talking by consulting your doctor regarding the side effects of your medication.

How to Cope with Sleep Talking

It’s not uncommon for partners to grow irritated of your loud sleeping habits, so trying the following steps can help to diminish your chances of keeping them up throughout the night:

Avoiding caffeine

With caffeine being one of the greatest sleep disturbances that your body could encounter, avoiding caffeinated drinks before you head to bed decreases your chances of being disturbed throughout the night.

Develop a regular routine

Creating a regular and consistent bedtime routine can be extremely beneficial to preventing sleep talking as relaxation can help you fall into a deeper sleep.

Create a comfortable sleeping environment

In order to get the best possible night’s sleep, you’ll need to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Consider how all of the items in your bedroom affect your sleep; from altering the lighting to finding your perfect mattress.

As you can see, there are a variety of factors that could be to blame for your sleep talking habits, as well as a range of tips that can help you to reduce the amount you do. Altering your routines and keeping a sleep diary can help to track the techniques that are working for you, so you’ll hopefully be on your way to a restful sleep in no time!

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Neil Seed setup The Odd Mattress Company over 30 years ago in a bid to help customers find the perfect sleeping solution to suit their budgets, needs and health conditions.

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