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Sleep Positions and Pillow Use


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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

Comfort is key to having a good sleep, and for a lot of people, comfort means different things. Comfort to some people is a soft bed those springy types that make you feel on top of the world and super relaxed for some others a pillow to lift their head is all the required for a good night sleep.


The focus of this article is pillows, and we seek to explain whether or not it is a good idea to sleep using a pillow.

If you have been waking up every morning with pains in your neck, you may begin to wonder whether it will be best that you slept without a pillow. In fact, lots of articles online explain why you shouldn’t sleep without a pillow, but is it really healthy?

A lot of people put so much effort into searching for the best kind of mattress for their sleep needs and they even go as far as replacing them every seven years but how often do people pay attention to the impact their pillow has on their sleep life?

Seeing that one person can keep using one pillow for a long time without thinking of changing it or how it affects their sleeping position, a lot of people end up using pillows that are no longer supportive.

So if you have a great mattress and you still are not sleeping well, then it’s time we took a look at your pillow. Do not get me wrong, pillows and not terrible things in themselves, in fact, they play a vital role in supporting a healthy spine alignment alongside your mattress when you sleep.

We are not telling you whether or not you should sleep with a pillow that is totally your decision to make what will be showing you here is how to sleep with a pillow based on your sleeping position.

The reason for this is that your sleeping position will determine what kind of pillow would be suitable for you and whether or not the kind of pillow you are using would hurt you or make you comfortable.

Should side sleepers sleep without a pillow?

A lot of people who think this one is a question that is very easy to answer however it is not. Side sleeping is considered the healthiest sleeping position generally, but all of that would not make any sense if you do not sleep with the right pillow support.

To keep your spine straight from your hips all the way to your head as a side sleeper, you would need the right kind of pillow support that will work in conjunction with your mattress while you are asleep.


If you use a contouring mattress as a side sleeper, it will allow your pressure point to sing into the mattress however if you sleep on this mattress without using a pillow the weight of your head would cause your neck to ache because it will be out of alignment with the rest of your spine.

Using your shoulder for support while sleeping is not also an adequate alternative because it will cause undue pressure and a number sensation on your shoulder and arm muscles. In addition to that sleeping on your shoulders put this pressure on evenly because only one side of your body is affected.

What a side sleeper needs is a supportive pillow that will be as thick as the distance between their neck and shoulder. A cervical pillow will help to support a side zipper neck the same way contour memory foam pillows will do.

The right pillow will keep aside slippers head and neck straight and also align them with the spine. When you use a pillow that is too thick is tilt the slippers neck and head up so that it becomes out of alignment while a pillow that is too thin or soft will lean it down.

Apart from the head pillow site slippers may also find a simpler between their knees beneficial as it will relieve strains and also keep the spine straight all the way to their hips.

What all of these means is that as a side sleeper you have no reason to go to bed without a pillow as it is not only helpful in keeping you comfortable it goes a long way to help you maintain a healthy back.

Should back sleepers sleep without a pillow?

When a backflip sleeps on a firm or innerspring mattress, they will naturally be some gaps between the mattress and the person’s lower back as well as in between the person’s neck and the mattress.

Space can be addressed with memory foam and contouring mattress which will allow the person’s hips to sink into the mattress while the memory foam helps to hold the lower back.

That’s a good thing but what about the space between the person’s neck and the mattress surface? Sleeping on your back without a pillow will leave you uncomfortable because of the space that would show between your head and the mattress.

When your pillow is too thick, it will create the opposite effect to tilt your head on comfortably forward and thought chin into your chest.


If a back sleeper and you want to keep your neck level with the rest of your spine getting a thin, contouring pillow will be perfect for the occasion because it will fill the spaces as needed

rounded pillows cervical pillows that support your neck pillows that have built-in neck support are all wonderful options. also if you, can get a small pillow between your knees or even a thin one beneath the lumbar spine it would help a great deal to relieve strains on your lower back.

What all of this still means is that as a back slipper you shouldn’t make any attempt to sleep without a pillow if you must be comfortable and maintain good spinal health.

Should stomach sleepers sleep without a pillow?

if you’re a stomach sleeper, you probably would be feeling glad by now that you don’t need to sleep with a pillow. Well, stomach sleeping is a very unhealthy one regardless of the fact that it prevents sleep apnea and snoring.

Stomach sleeping is unhealthy for a lot of reasons but most expensive because it forces a person to twist their neck and head out of alignment with their spine and that’s not healthy.

It has been recommended by lots of sleep experts that stomach sleepers make use of a hint a low or no pillow at all.

Some people feel super comfortable going to bed without using a pillow and if you are one of those people simply putting a thin pillows beneath your hips is perfect to keep proper alignment.

For stomach sleepers with or without a pillow, slip is just right however it is safer to have a thin pillows that will be kept beneath the hips.

As earlier said whether you choose to sleep with a pillow or not, it’s totally an issue of personal preference, but for the sake of health, it is safer to have pillows as many as possible around you so that you don’t have to wake up feeling pains behind or pains on your neck.

A firm mattress is terrific but when coupled with the right kind of pillows trust to have the best kind of sleep that anyone can afford.


And even though stomach sleeping is not healthy if you discover that is the only way you can sleep then it is best to avoid pillows or make use of it in one so that you are comfortable.

How often do you sleep without a pillow? Have you had to deal with any form of pain? You can tell us all about it in the comments section and will be eager to engage you.

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