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Sleep Like A Baby: 7 Simple Steps To Dreamland

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Anxiety, travel, and lack of ritual cause restlessness and sleepless nights. Subsequently, a lack of rest creates depression, weight gain, and irritability. Break the cycle of poor sleeping habits and unwanted feelings.

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Rest your thoughts on the following to sleep like a baby again.

Weekend Warrior

Everybody’s working for the weekend, but don’t disrupt your sleep wake cycle and ruin consistency. Weekend warriors get little sleep while staying up all night and sleeping all day.

Come Sunday evening, bodies are ready to party yet bosses expect workers early and refreshed Monday morning.

If you’re planning on partying, maintain the same sleep-wake cycle. Don’t deviate too much from times you go to bed and rise in the morning.

Exerciser Extraordinaire

A lack of exercise creates restlessness, anxiety, and inconsistent sleep. You don’t need to run around the block until you feel tired enough to go to sleep; rather, make exercise a part of your lifestyle.

Waking up early to jog makes you feel energized during the day and tired enough to rest soundly at night.

Choose a sport or hobby that sheds calories, keeps the heart healthy, and facilitates restful nights.

Negligent Napper

Some doctors suggest additional rest throughout the day, or naps, for those recovering from an injury or have specific deficiencies. Yet, regular napping disrupts a person’s sleep-wake cycle.

Additionally, busy executives and those with multiple jobs celebrate ‘power napping,’ taking short, 15 or 20-minute naps to feel refreshed. However, even short naps can disturb an impending night’s sleep.

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Eliminate naps unless advised otherwise by a physician. If you’re healthy and exercising, you should not feel sluggish during the day.

Habit Former

Form a habit at bedtime that’s relaxing and facilitates sleepiness. Take a hot bath, read a book, or use the Internet for a set amount of time.

Getting to bed at varied hours due to a range of activities keeps the body guessing and inspires restlessness and anxiety.

Habits influence actions and our minds. Our bodies grow accustomed to exercise and need rest. Creating a regimen avoids the anxiety of expecting or projecting what’s to come.

Interior Creator

Odd sleeping arrangements, placement of beds in regards to windows and incoming light, and room temperature contribute to restlessness.

Evaluate your sleeping situation and bedroom. Roommates, location of bedroom, and allergies to plants and animals in the home add to poor sleeping habits too.

Change your environment and modify the way you sleep. It may warrant moving your bed, the location of your bedroom, or considering other alternatives, such as drug addiction rehab centers.

Drug and alcohol abuse has long-term consequences. Poor sleep is just one unfortunate problem for those needing help.

Pillow and Mattress Changer

It seems obvious, but many are naive to the condition of mattresses and pillows. Bedding experts suggest changing your mattress every five to ten years depending on model, size, and use.

It’s an investment some avoid or disregard, yet we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, and waking hours depend on a good night’s rest.

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When was the last time you bought a new mattress or pillows? Start with a minor investment in a pillow and survey whether it makes a significant change. If so, invest in a better sleeping experience altogether.

Anxiety Avoider

It’s common to place a television in the bedroom, viewing before bedtime. Yet, the television, or televised content, can create anxiety and tension.

Even while you’re sleeping, your brain is sensing the television’s content. High volumes or on-screen violence can disturb sleep or the ability to enjoy consistent rest. Do you notice how you often awake in the night, confused and annoyed at the bright and loud television?

Remove your television or anything that creates anxiety or tension (a grandfather clock) from your bedroom environment. Deviating from a healthy, normal sleep-wake cycle creates depression, irritability, and a host of other life problems.

Avoid such issues by getting help, making a change, and exercising regularly.

Author Bio:

Kevin Martel has been working in sleep studies for several years. With his medical training and on the job knowledge, he often blogs about the various aspects of sleep health, from environment to diet to psychological concerns.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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