Skin Tightening

There are often certain questions that you would always have in mind about getting a skin tightening treatment for your skin. It might not be wise to get your skin treated without prior reading and asking the experts.

Here are some questions that were replied by experts and are being reported here. However, always make sure to consult an expert directly before getting any treatment.

How can I tighten loose facial and body skin?

When looking for tightening loose facial and body skin, you should focus on looking for non invasive skin tightening methods. There are a number of methods that can safely be used to get skin tightening for the face and body.

Non invasive ones have a number of advantages over others, especially over surgical methods. Keeping in mind both the quality and quantity, the methods you can explore are ultra therapy for facial skin tightening which uses ultrasound technology and for body you can even go for creams.

Both techniques have differences in way of working, and advantages. Creams firm the skin through chemical processes or be re-nurturizing the skin slowing he aging processes. Ultrasound, on the other hand, deposits energy under the skin to simulate the body’s creation of collagen.

How to resolve loose and common skin tightening issues?

Depending on how complex is the skin itself and what tightening problems are present. The skin might have sun damage or other issues. The temporary solutions to avoid surgery are sometimes preferable to improve skin conditions.

Getting your skin evaluated from a plastic surgeon to find out the best remedies may get you to skin lifting methods that work good enough without invasive techniques. Laser lift might be a good way to go. It should still be understood that these methods are not a replacement for surgery in case of severe conditions.

Lifting the skin through area specific treatments that tighten the underlying structures are another suggestion for you to explore before going for a procedure.

Can you suggest me skin tightening methods to use after weight loss?

Those who work hard for losing their weight are a passionate group to improve their health. They’re often disheartened to find out the skin conditions after losing weight. In case you are one of them, you should not worry about the loose skin – it is treatable just like the weight.

Although the skin re-firms or springs back itself, but at a later age it needs extra effort to be normal. Lifts are the most common procedures used on the loose skins from the weigh loss. The stretched skin from the weight gain which is now loose after losing the weight can easily spring back within its elastic limit, but after that limit where the elasticity is damaged and the skin is deformed / stretched permanently, skin tightening is needed.

Dermolipectomy is a suggested way to manage this condition. You are advised to consult your skin surgeon or doctor for the procedures you’ve explored beforehand so that you already have some idea about them. You might also want to make sure that the stretch marks after the weight loss are treated properly.

The success of non surgical tightening procedures, as said before, depend on severity of the skin condition. Other methods that you might want to explore are IPL (intense pulse light).