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Six Steps for Dealing with Adult Acne

Acne, unfortunately, isn’t something that you deal with only in adolescence and it can be a nuisance to struggle with as an adult. It’s not uncommon to suffer from acne flair ups at any age.

In fact, according to Sonoma Skin Works, some of the main causes of acne include fluctuating levels of hormones and certain clothing.

If you are a woman, you might notice that you get acne breakouts around the time of your menstrual cycle. No matter what sex you are, you may notice acne on your back during sweater weather. There are a few things that you can do to fight acne, at any age.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep can help you fight off stress. While sleep might not keep you from getting pimples, lessening your amount of stress might help keep them from getting worse. The human body works to heal itself during sleep, and that includes ailments of the skin.

Start Exercising

Getting the right amount of fitness with help your body to remove impurities, including those that clog up your skin and cause acne. Fitness does many great wonders for the body, like increasing oxygen flow which is a skin win.

Practice Good Hygiene

While exercise is good and so is working up a good sweat, you want to make sure you shower immediately post-workout. You want to rinse off all the impurities that your pores released. If you don’t you run the chance of having them clog up and cause painful acne.

It can be helpful to limit your shower time though, so you don’t dry out your skin too much. The protective oils your skin secretes also help with healthy complexion.

Eat Right

Growing up you probably thought your mom was making it up when she said those greasy foods would give you acne. She wasn’t lying. The foods you eat affect your body in many ways. Instead of living on a diet of fast and fried foods, pick fresh and whole foods which will help keep your insides fresh and whole!

Cut Back on Sugar

Eating right also means cutting back on your sugar intake. Sugar increases the oil production in your body which can lead to more clogged pores and more acne. If you need to curb a sweet tooth, eat some food with natural sugars like berries.

Drink More Water

Water is basically the fountain of youth. Want healthy skin, drink more water. It helps cleanse impurities from your skin and body and keeps your skin hydrated, from the inside out.

These steps to less acne are pretty basic when you think about it. You’ve probably heard all of them before in response to other ailments or illnesses. Treat your body well and it will help you feel and look good.

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