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6 Reasons Why You Should Walk Barefoot

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Every part of the human body needs special care and the feet is no exception. With the desire to keep our feet looking beautiful comes the need to purchase foot wears to adorn and protected our feet.

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It is obvious that some people pay less attention to this natural means of transportation we call feet and would rather invest in buying shoes to cover them. However, these beauties are more important than we actually think they are.

The fashion industry has not made it easy for us to overlook the beautiful designs of foot wears they constantly release into the market. Needless to mention the part where we fear we might step on dangerous objects and hurt our feet and so we do not hesitate to protect them with shoes.

If you pay any attention to the shoes around, you will notice that almost all the shoes currently produced have non-conductive soles (mostly rubber or wood) which prevent our feet from connecting with the earth directly.

Imagine how funny it’d be if you saw an adult walking barefoot on the streets while you are taking a jog on your work out shoes in the morning. You probably would assume he has gone crazy or try to call his attention to the fact that his feet are naked and need some kind of covering.

But, what if it was possible to give your entire body and mind some quick repair by ditching our beautiful shoes for a few minutes every day? It would probably sound like an abnormal thing to suggest in this modern day, but it is very normal and healthy.

Yes, you can give your body some really good therapy by walking bare feet on grass and also on soil. This practice is called earthing or grounding therapy. Earthing has been in existence for as long as man’s existence on earth.

It is assumed that people in the olden days had a higher life expectancy than the humans of today because of how much they were able to tap into nature’s healing powers by consuming wholesome food, exercising their bodies through their daily activities, and of course, earthing.

Many cultures and religions practice earthing because of the believe that walking on bare feet is a way of reconnecting with the universe and staying physically and mentally healthy.

Most people, especially in the urban areas, are disconnected from the earth because they no longer put on shoes with soles made of natural animal skin(leather), neither do they walk on bare feet or sleep on the ground.

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While going to the gym or taking an early morning run is healthy, earthing for a minimum of thirty minutes in the early hours of the morning and in the cool of the evening is a cheaper and stress-free way to exercise your body.

Good reasons why you should walk on bare feet.

1. The earth is electrical, and humans are bioelectrical

The earth contains electric charges that are subtle in nature and humans are made of cells that transmit electrical charges at various frequencies. Walking barefoot is a way to recharge yourself and stay in touch with the earth’s natural energies.

Sleeping on the ground is another way to connect to these natural energies. However, because of how uncomfortable it can be and the high chances of catching a flu by morning if you sleep on the ground overnight, walking barefoot is the undisputed best option to connecting energetically to the ground.

2. Earthing therapy reduces pain and inflammation

The human body has an immune system that fights pathogens and damaged cells by using white blood cells to release free radicals. These free radicals are usually electrically charged because they have an electron imbalance and thus they need to find free electrons to help them neutralize.

In the absence of another source of free electrons, the free radicals could take from a healthy cell and that will cause damage to the cell. This becomes a vicious cycle, and this leads to pains and inflammation.

Earthing provides enough free electron to neutralize free radicals and thus prevent inflammation and pain. regular earthing not only prevents but also relives already existing inflammation over time.

3. Increases blood circulation

Walking barefoot Help to increase blood circulation in your usually suffocated feet. The freedom your feet enjoys as you exercise it by walking barefoot is the most love your feet deserves as muscle tension is relieved and blood circulates better than when you have your shoes on.

4. Earthing is good for the eyes

All the body’s organs can be stimulated from different points of the feet. When we walk, we put much pressure on the first three toes of each foot and the eyes nerve endings are on the second and third toes. Thus, walking on grass or bare soil helps to stimulate these nerves there by keeping your eyes healthy.

5. Stress relief

Walking is an exercise that improves cardiovascular health and the green color and grass helps your body to release hormones that help to relax you. Earthing in the early hours of the morning also give you a vitamin D boost through the morning sun.

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6. Grounding improves your sleep life

Walking barefoot helps you sleep better because of its ability to relax your nerves and improve blood circulation. These are only a few of the numerous benefits of walking barefoot on Mother earth.

Nature has blessed us with uncountable sources of healing and recovery from various ailments cause by our different modern lifestyles. Thus, we owe it to ourselves to tap into these free benefits.

Walk Barefoot
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.
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