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Six Reasons Why You Are Encouraged to Sleep Naked Always

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Sleeping naked initially doesn’t come as something everyone would want to do. In fact, some think it is an invitation to something else, and some might even decide to go the spiritual way and say it is a means to invite unknown spirits to have sex with you.

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While the majority of the excuses we have heard are mere myths that have not been backed up with any finding or at least a witness, we are here to give you some excellent reasons why you should probably consider sleeping naked.

1. Sleeping naked will help you get better sleep

According to a recent survey done in America, it was seen that 31% of Americans sleep fully clothed, 52% sleep a little bit unclad while 17% decide to go all the way sleeping naked. Let’s travel a bit and enter into Africa.

A lot of African tribes are more exposed to temperature changes however they do tend to sleep well when the temperature is cool, and when the temperature is coldest, they tend to wake up.

What we are saying is though most people would like to debunk the fact that sleeping naked helps you get better sleep, we want you to know that it actually does.

2. Sleeping naked alongside your partner would help boost your sex life

What more can we say about this? There are lots of pieces of evidence that actually support this claim. For example, there was research recently by some scientists concerning the effects of skin to skin contact on oxytocin and their research replied in the affirmative.

Let us put it this way: when you have direct skin contact with your partner, the level of oxytocin is boosted. And if you don’t know, oxytocin is also known as the cuddle or sex hormone. This hormone usually contributes to the increased feelings of intimacy and bonding with your partner.

Asides the fact that it brings you both together as a couple, it also helps increase the chances of spontaneous sex. For couples who are trying to get a child, most doctors advise them to sleep naked with their partners as there is more tendency of sex happening between two naked individuals than two clothed ones.

Also, if your partner is pregnant, it is also advisable to sleep naked beside her and the growing fetus. Most researchers have discovered that having to sleep beside a pregnant woman who is naked strengthens the bond between you, your partner and your developing fetus.

3. It can boost your fertility as men

According to a study carried out in 2015, men who always wore free boxers during the day and slept naked during the night had a reduced number of DNA fragmentation in their sperms which makes their sperms “a high quality sperm” while men who wore tight panties during the day and went to bed in them had much more fragmentation in them causing their sperms to be of a reduced quality.

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These researchers went ahead to say that the reason this could be so maybe because of the nice and cool environment the sperm cells happen to find themselves in within the testes.

Have you ever wondered why the testes are not directly inside the body, but they are within the scrotum which is a separate sac on its own? Remember, we all are warm-blooded animals, and too much of heat can kill the sperm.

Hence the creator decided to put the testes into a separate sac rather than directly inside the abdomen or the stomach just like the way the woman’s uterus is found within her pelvic region.

4. Sleeping naked reduces stress

We all know that stress is bad news for the body, then if it now happens to be accumulated and prolonged, that is worse news. The effects of stress generally on the body is a really bad one; it causes your immune system to be suppressed, and it also increases the rate of you having heart diseases.

Asides all this, stress also can lead to obesity and depression as well as it causes a decrease in the cognitive performance of your brain. It also causes your stress levels to skyrocket through the roof.

As we have established in the first point, when you sleep naked, you get proper rest. When you have adequate rest, it helps in restoring your cortisol levels, and this helps in massively improving your stress levels despite everything that is going on around you.

5. Sleeping naked helps you burn calories

Surprising right? How can just sleeping naked burn calories and lose weight? Well, here is how. Research conducted by the U. S national institute of health revealed to us that sleeping while naked keeps your body cool and this causes your body metabolism to speed up.

This is because your body produces more brown fat so that you can be kept warm. Brown fat generates heat by burning a whopping 300 calories, and that is 300 times more heat than any other part of your body.

This amount of calorie burnt will help in boosting your metabolism hence you losing body weight. Asides the effects it has on the metabolism of your body, it also helps in improving your blood circulation which is good for both your heart and your muscles.

The surprising effect of the quality sleep that you would enjoy will also increase the way at which both the growth hormone and melatonin which is the sleep hormone is released. Both of these hormones helps in slowing down ageing.

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6. Sleeping naked helps in boosting your self-confidence

Confidence doesn’t just feel great, and it happens to be one of the pillars of success. Confidence pushes you to try out new things, to set new goals and targets, take on new challenges and as well as persevere in the face of new challenges.

Sleeping naked helps you become much more comfortable and relaxed in your own skin. Hence, you can comfort and pamper your own body. This will, therefore, cause a boost in your self-esteem and confidence.

The benefits of sleeping naked are much more numerous than we can count. We encourage you to try sleeping naked tonight. You at least owe yourself the curiosity to try.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Deborah Akinola
Wirter, poet and public speaker

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