Six Places With Health Benefits to Visit

Agodi Garden
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There are several mental health benefits of travelling, but they are rarely discussed. Did you know that travelling is a way to handle anxiety? Other ways in which travelling is beneficial to your health includes; Boosting your mood, keeping you Alert, Increasing levels of creativity, and stress relief.

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Is it time to go on leave or you need a place for that holiday vacation or honeymoon? You should check out these cool places around the world where you can relax, unwind and get some therapy from mother nature.

Agodi Garden (Nigeria)

This is a beautiful place to ease the stress if you are interested in visiting the ancient city of the brown roofs. Ibadan, in the Oyo state of Nigeria, is the largest city in Africa and home to the beautiful Agodi Garden.

Formerly called Agodi botanical and zoological garden when it was created in the year 1967 under the former Western region, this unique recreational centre was destroyed by the Ogunpa flood of the year 1980 losing all its beautiful animals to the disaster.

However, The Oyo state government took it upon themselves to renovate this mini paradise in the year 2012 and officially re-opened the new recreational centre in the year 2014. The present Agodi Garden has a beautiful lake with colourful fishes and Offers boat rides.

There is a lovely water park consist of three beautiful swimming pools with two water slides.  The Ariel view of the water park area is a beauty to behold.

The Agodi Garden mini zoo is still under construction, but it is home to some monkeys, two lions, alligators, crocodiles, some tortoise and turtles, ducks, and some other pretty birds. The perfect place for a picnic with your family is nowhere better than this recreational centre.

There are donkeys available for rides, bouncy castles, swings, and plenty of green area for the kids to run around. If you like bridges, there are lovely bridges over some parts of the lake that allows you to look over and view the fishes as they swim.

There are Karaoke nights just in case you would like to stay out late, and if you are hungry, there are shops that offer all kinds of local mouth-watering chops and drinks. The Agodi park is just perfect for relaxation.

Lakeside Marina Park (Ghana)

The lake Kalmoni area houses this great recreational centre called the Lakeside Marina park at the lakeside estate in Accra, Ghana. This park created in the year 2003 offers boat rides which is one of the major reasons why people visit. Wondering where to find Ghana’s tallest slide? Well, The Marina Park is where to see it. The two-story high slide is fun to have a ride on.

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If you love golf, this is the right place for you. The mini golf course has nine holes and is one of the fun activities that keep visitors busy. There are gaming activities for both adults and children that are completely safe. The game room houses board games so if you are looking to learn how to play by watching people play, or if you’re in the competitive spirit, you can engage.

Because the park’s management knows just how much people love to play balls, they made provision for a football pitch, a volleyball court, and a Tug-of-war, no they call it a “Tug-of-peace” line. The coolest part? They allow visitors to engage in fishing activities, but you have to go with your fishing equipment. You only get one catch, and it will be grilled for you.

The forbidden city of Beijing (China)

The forbidden city of Beijing was at one time in history a “palace city” and people considered ordinary where forbidden from entering into the city. Chinese history records this beautiful place was the “Imperial Palace” of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. A total of 24 different emperors lived in the forbidden city for five hundred and sixty years till the year 1911.

Today, the forbidden city has become the museum holding some of the Chinese cultural and historical artefacts. It is one of the five most important places in the world, and it has over eight thousand rooms with roofs of gold. This Palace is a place to would love to visit when you are on tour in Beijing.

Bassin Bleu (Haiti)

Imagine the beauty of three cobalt- blue pools joined by graceful waterfalls. That satisfying image is what the Bassin Bleu has to offer everyone. Located in the Northwest of Jacmel inside the mountains, this natural waterfall area has been a tourist attraction for many years.

There are three pools at the site, but the Bassin Clair is the prettiest of them all. This site is regarded as one Haiti’s most famous and prettiest swimming holes.

Somorika Hills (Nigeria)

If beauty had a definition, the ancient city of Somorika would be the perfect definition. This city on seven hills should have been included as one of the wonders of the world.

The hills in Somorika can be seen to touch the clouds, and even the sun rises and sets in this Wonderful place. Somorika is home to a Human shaped rock carved by nature, and a human finger-shaped rock which is also natural.

The waters of Somorika are also believed to be powerful and people from all over the world visit this town to find solutions to health problems through natural remedies often mistaken for magic. The plants and animals in this ancient settlement of Akoko Edo people are believed to look different and healthier than those found in other places around the world.

So, if you are looking for Adventure, relaxation, and beautiful pictures of the craftsmanship of mother nature, Somorika is the perfect destination to satiate your craving.

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Megalithic temples (Malta)

People know Malta as a small country and the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Malta is the nature window which sadly has been lost to a natural disaster. However, if you are looking to visit Malta, there are other great sights to see any of these sights that will be worth your while are the megalithic temples of Malta.

The county’s eleven megalithic temples are the oldest in the world as the date as far back as 5,500 to 2,500 BC. That makes the temples older than the pyramids of Egypt.

There are other fascinating places around the world that you can visit and learn a thing or two from. Working is great, but the human body needs some time away from work that allows you to rest and just enjoy the view of nature.

Agodi Garden
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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.
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