Side effects of Improper Ingestion of HCG Drops


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HCG diet is very useful in weight reduction people with excess fat accumulated in their body. There are many kinds of weight reduction diets available in the market now-a-days and not all of them are really effective. Only a few of these weight reduction diets are effective and using HCG drops is one among those effective diet plans. You will definitely have side effects with this HCG diet plan, when you are not using these drops in the right way.


When you are asking the same question to the HCG users, then you will get many different kinds of answer stating that it worked for many and it showed side effects for many. It all depends on how you are using it.

Why do you see side effects?

Normally, the basic rule while using this hormone diet plan is your low calorie diet should not exceed 500-800 calories. So, when you are on such low calorie diet plan, then side effects like mood swings, headache, leg cramps and nausea are common. Even if you are not taking HCG drops, you will have these side effects as the diet is having really low calories. When you are using a low calorie diet for a long time, your metabolism will change to starvation. When this is happening, the muscle mass and the proteins in it will be used for energy generation.

But if you are using HCG diet, then the metabolism becomes really fast and hence will make sure that you are having the proteins available for your body. The appetite is also reduced when you are using HCG diet.

Hair loss due to hormone diet

Many men who have used HCG diet complain that they are experiencing hair fall due to the use of this diet. This is just a myth and not true at all. You may experience hair fall, but that is due to the stress that you take when you are starting the weight loss plan.

Women like characteristics

As you have seen earlier that HCG is a hormone which is produced by women and during pregnancy only. So, men when they start using this HCG diet plan, start feeling that they may develop women like characteristics like development of breast. That is not true at all. There are thousands of people who have used HCG drops and found them helpful for them.

A simple logic that explains that HCG drops are not harmful for men is, a fetus, whether male or female, will get the HCG hormone when it is present in the mother’s womb and hence it is not at all a problem for men to take this hormone.

Side effects for women as well

As this is a hormone produced in the female body, it does not mean that the like side effects like mood swings, headache, leg cramps and nausea are not seen in women. They are very common in men and women. You will see the same effects in both men and women as well.

As the diet is continued, you will see that the body gets used to the diet hormone and these mild side effects will start disappearing. You may face more side effects if you are going for HCG injections like blood clots, etc., So, it is always a good idea to talk to your experts before you actually start using this HCG diet and lose your weight. Everything has a specific way of using it and you will get good results only when you are using it in that way. So, following those instructions will always give you good results and no side effects as well.


Author Bio:
Peter RyderI am Peter Ryder, an enthusiastic writer and medical consultant currently at HCG. In addition, I love to travel and cooking is my passion. I try to give out knowledge I gain in the field of medicine for those who are unaware of simple methods to achieve great healthy life. I feel it as a contribution from my side as an educated individual to the society.


This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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