Male Erection

The penis is quite interesting and very complex at the same time. It is not only the organ used to expose of urine but also an organ that plays the most significant role in sexual intercourse. When a man is sexually aroused, blood flows to his penis, causing it to swell up and become erect. When erect, the man is ready to participate in sexual intercourse and penetrate his partner.
Male ErectionIt is already well-known that the penis is essential for penetration and, even though sexual toys are readily available on the market, women often tend to prefer the “real deal” when it comes to satisfaction in the bedroom. Plus, there is also the fact that an erect male penis is needed for natural conception – a sex toy would not make it possible for a woman to fall pregnant.

Even though the male penis is something we all know about, and we also know that an erection is needed not only for sex to be possible but also for any sexual act to be pleasurable, a lot of men are not aware of some “secrets” about the male erection. When educated about all there is to know about the erection; men often find that they can improve their erections without the need for medical intervention.

Secrets About The Male Erection

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most significant facts about the male erection, and even look at some ways in which men can improve their erectile function by simply learning more about their own penises and implementing some easy strategies into their daily lives, as well as in the bedroom. From exercises for erectile dysfunction to ways, they can make their erection last longer when they are having sex – let’s get started!

The Average Erection’s Size Is Not As Big As You Think It Is

Men that are presented in porn movies usually have quite large penises. On internet forums and even in social gatherings, men also tend to brag about how big their erections are. Even though this is quite common, research has proven the average size of a man’s erection to be somewhat smaller than many think it is.

Healthline explains that a recent survey announced the average erect penis’s length to be around 4.69 inches, and the girth of an erect penis to be, on average, around 3.66 inches. Thus, the men who are constantly bragging about their ten-inch erections are most likely exaggerating quite a bit.

No, Pills Will Not Make Your Penis Magically Grow Bigger Overnight

Supplement stores and the internet has become overloaded with pills that promise to increase the size of the male penis – sometimes claiming to give a man a boost in size in as little as one dose. Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase the size of a penis this quickly, and most of the effective methods that are currently available might be somewhat invasive – and even damaging in some cases. Instead, opting for penis enlargement exercises may be the better options – these exercises can be done at home and does not require surgery or the use of supplements with unknown ingredients.

The backward puller is one particular exercise that has worked for a lot of men. The Stallion Style recommends warming through stimulation until an erection is gained. After that, retract the foreskin and then place the thump at the top part of the penis’s shaft. The thumb should be approximately one inch away from the head. The remaining fingers should be placed at the bottom part of the shaft for support. Both hands should be used.

The skin of the penis should be pulled toward the body until a slight stretch is felt. Tension may also be experienced in the shaft. The position should be held for up to 25 seconds, and a resting period of around five seconds should be added in between every repetition. In addition to an exercise, one of the best male enhancement supplements may still be used to increase blood flow, which may not increase penis size, but may lead to a fuller erection.

The Mind Affects The Penis… And Its Erection

Even though an erection is a physical reaction caused by blood flowing into the penis and then causing it to swell up, men should remember that this particular reaction is triggered within their brains. Thus, the mind has a direct effect on the penis and its ability to become erect… Even though they are on two completely separate parts of the body.

When the mind wanders, so can the erection. Problems with mental health can also interfere with a man’s ability to have good sex due to problems arising with his ability to have a healthy erection. Love To Know explains that stress causes a problem with the parasympathetic part of the body’s ANS to bring about a calmness and, additionally, reduces the body’s ability to deal with sexual arousal; thus causing an erection to go limb or not happen at all.

Dealing with stress may help to improve erections amongst men if they are currently finding that stress is contributing to weaker or no erections. There are numerous ways for coping better with stress, such as taking things slowly sometimes, learning when it is appropriate to say no, and trying to avoid some of the factors that are causing excess stress.

An Erection May Be A Reflection Of Heart Health

While it might seem unlikely to a lot of readers, there is a strong connection between erectile health and heart health. In some cases, a man experiencing erectile dysfunction where psychological causes cannot be identified, physical problems that also affect the heart may be contributing to his problems. An erection occurs when the two particular chambers found in the penis is filled with blood.

When there is an inadequate supply of blood in the genital area, it might signal a weak blood flow in the man’s body. This is often caused by damaged blood vessels or blood vessels that are restricted. At the same time, this particular issue may be restricting blood supply to the heart. In addition to restricting blood supply to the heart, the rest of the body, apart from the penis, may also be suffering from the poor blood supply.

For this reason, it is often advised that men seek a medical examination when issues with their erectile function develop. While it is not a definite fact that heart-related health issues may be to blame, it is always a good idea to rule out such a potential cause, and then to focus on finding the specific factors that are causing the issues and targeting them through treatment. When a heart-related issue is detected, treating the problem may help to restore optimal erectile function without the need for Viagra or another erectile dysfunction drug.


An erection is needed for sex to be pleasurable, and while most men can achieve an erection, some find it difficult to get hard enough to penetrate their partner. Learning more about the secrets.