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Sauna Bathing – What are the Advantages and Health Benefits?


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If you know anything at all about the origins of sauna, then you are well aware that these sweat baths have their roots centuries before Christ in Roman, Russia and other European cultures.


The saunas that we experience today are most likely the most closely related to the Finnish Sauna that is over 2,000 years old.

This ancient method of cleaning the body inside and out as well as the benefits of doing so has been enjoyed in many parts of the world for centuries.

How can you use a sauna for health?

Probably one of the most important health benefits of sauna is the fact that it builds up the immune system.

The sweating done in the sauna room brings to the skin surface toxins and other impurities that create problems in the normal function of many of the body’s operating systems.

The contrast of extreme heat and cold helps to teach the blood vessels to react rapidly as they deal with the necessary adjustments in the temperature of the body.  This helps them become stronger and more elastic.

Health benefits of sauna

Let’s talk about the almost endless list of advantages of using a Sauna Bathing

  • Besides providing the deep, complete body cleansing, sauna use can also enable you to have younger looking skin because it is better nourished from the inside.  This will also improve healing of skin problems like acne and similar skin conditions.
  • As mentioned above, the strengthening of the immune system though sauna use helps reduce your risks of flu, colds and many other viruses and health conditions.
  • People who suffer from chronic respiratory problems, like hay fever, asthma and even bronchitis, can experience relief from some of the symptoms.
  • The effects of sauna relaxation can help reduce stress levels, improve your sleep, lift your depression, reduce muscle pain and tension and can even help regulate your high blood pressure.
  •  Using a sauna for health can even have a protective effect on arteries that can be especially important for diabetics.
  • It is known to improve comfort for people who suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, fibromyalgia and bad backs.
  • The sweating process allows for flushing toxins out of our bodies and this also helps release heavy metals from our bodies.
  • Sauna use can improve heart circulation and oxygenation. It can increase the overall circulation in all parts of the body.

While this list is far from complete, I am sure you will find a few of your own to add to it after sauna use becomes part of your routine.

Another of the many advantages of Sauna Bathing

Sauna Bathing

Finnish sauna is an experience that is utilized by the entire family and often sauna is done together as a family.  This enables the family unit to prosper and relationships to be built and maintained.  You can stay in touch with your children and spouse on a daily basis when you sauna together.


There exists an opportunity to make some significant memories with family memories while you sauna. Your children will be better protected from colds, flu and other viruses because you care enough to sauna.

As you can readily see, there are so many health benefits of sauna.  There are many more that are not listed here. Some of the advantages of using a sauna are literally priceless in their value to your and your family.

Adding a sauna room to your existing home or designing one into your dream home will be money and time well spent when you consider all of the pluses involved.

And, the next time someone asks you what are saunas good for…you’ll have your own experiences with which to answer.

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