Saggy Breast

Saggy breasts which are one of the typical changes in breast appearance are a completely natural occurrence experienced by most women especially as they get older. But some women may not want it.

The medical term for saggy breasts is breast ptosis. There’s plenty of information regarding what actually causes (and doesn’t cause) breasts ptosis. While some are true, some are just myths and misconceptions. Nevertheless, there are ways you can improve and prevent saggy breasts.

What causes saggy breasts?

Commonly due to aging, ligaments in the breasts (known as Cooper’s ligaments) expand over time. This is frequently caused by gravity, though other factors may contribute.

Information about what – and what doesn’t – actually cause breast ptosis can be confusing. Thankfully, facts have been filtered from misconceptions over time.

Actual causes of saggy breasts include;

  • Collagen deficiency
  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Menopause
  • Gravity
  • Estrogen deficiency
  • High body mass
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Larger bust size
  • Rapid weight gain followed by weight loss (or vice versa)

Untrue causes of saggy breasts;

  • Breastfeeding
  • Wearing a bad bra
  • Not wearing a bra

The loss of elasticity in. The skin as a result of aging is the most common cause of breast ptosis. Another major factor is smoking. It speeds up aging which in turn contributes to breasts sagging, sometimes even earlier in life.

Multiple pregnancies are another factor that contributes to sagging breasts, though breastfeeding is not. Hormonal changes expand and shrink milk ducts with each pregnancy, which can lead to sagging tissues. Rapid weight fluctuations before and after pregnancy can contribute to this.

Large bust size increases the chances of sagging, solely due to more vulnerability of higher breast mass to gravity.

However, deciding to breastfeed one’s offspring has zero effect on breast firmness. Breastfeeding is commonly believed to cause sagging by stretching breast tissues. However, studies have debunked this idea.

How can you treat or prevent saggy breast?

Saggy Breast

Want to enhance breast firmness or reduce your risk of saggy breasts? Here are some tips to try out.

Quit smoking, or don’t smoke at all

Smoking speeds up the aging process. Aging makes tissues – including breast ligaments – to lose firmness. Smoking specifically accelerates aging by destroying elastin, a protein responsible for maintaining skin suppleness.

Manage a healthy weight

You don’t really need to lose weight, nor do you necessarily have to gain weight. Instead, maintain a consistent weight level that is healthy to you. This could help make your breasts firmer and prevent sagging.

Get a hormone test

A decline in the level of estrogen in the body, which commonly happens during menopause, may be linked to a drop in tissue collagen.

Searching for healthy ways to enhance estrogen levels (like through phytoestrogens or supplements) may boost breast shape and form. Consult your health specialist and undergo tests before attempting to increase your estrogen levels.

Find a comfortable, well-fitting bra

This should be taking into consideration especially for workouts such as jogging. Sports bras with sufficient support (molded cup) can reduce breast motion.

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, propose that breast motion caused by workouts, leads to stretching and sagging, though more researches are required.

The same study states that when not working out, you really don’t need a bra to prevent sagging. In fact, wearing the wrong bra size could have a more damaging effect on breast firmness than not wearing one at all.

Try a pectoral muscle workout

While the breast possesses no form of muscles, underneath the breast, however, has some and they’re known as the pectoralis major muscles. Some exercises target these muscles, and they may assist your breasts with a little natural lift.

Body weight hanging dips

  • Suspend your body up between two bars that are a bit wider than hip-width apart. Arm straight but not locked out, feet raised from the floor.
  • Lower yourself down by bending the elbows, coming to a halt when your elbows are bent up to 90 degrees while maintaining a tight core.
  • Without swinging, raise your body up to the starting position by pressing down through the hands.
  • Complete at least two sets of 10 to 15 reps using a 2-second slow up and down rhythm.

Other pec-targeting workouts include;

  • Decline bench dumbbell chest flys
  • Decline dumbbell chest press with rotation
  • Cable chest fly pulser 100s

Carefully consider pregnancy

If your undying desire for unchanged perky boobs appearance is more significant than your desire of raising a family, consider avoiding getting pregnant. Studies reveal that multiple pregnancies could have effects on your breasts which contribute to sagging.

Get plastic surgery

Thanks to cosmetic surgery, there are lots of procedures that aim at lifting your boobs and restoring it to a more youthful and supple look. It’s an expensive option, but it yields the most dramatic result.

Bottom line

Saggy boobs occur for countless reasons. Wearing a bra or not wearing one, as well as breastfeeding are not factors you should worry about.

Pregnancy, hormones, normal aging, and smoking are the major factors you should worry about. There are countless ways to manage these factors in your own life to enhance breast firmness.