Cosmetic Treatment

For the longest time, as a result of the misinformation and rumors that have been spread throughout the media, cosmetic treatments were wrongfully seen as dangerous and unhealthy. Asking people what they think of cosmetic treatments many of them will tell you that they are unsafe and by getting treated you are risking your health.

Unfortunately, this sentiment still exists to this day, however significantly less so than it did before. You can check here the FDA statement on injectable fillers. With the advent of the internet, most people have easy access to limitless information on cosmetic treatments, more and more people have changed their minds about them and are now seeing them in a more positive light. Lip augmentations, Botox, dermal fillers; these are some of the most popular cosmetic treatments out there, and thanks to the efforts of the many clinics like Skinly Aesthetics, people have begun to see all the benefits of cosmetic treatments.

For now, we will focus on the safest treatments out there that you can try for yourself and be convinced of how safe and effective they are. You can try any of these treatments at your closest cosmetic center as they are among the most popular ones out there.


Even if you know absolutely nothing about the beauty industry or cosmetic treatments, chances are you have heard of Botox. To be fair: Botox is just one popular brand name of the botulinum toxin, which is the compound utilized in the treatments. It is a specialized chemical that is able to numb muscles and stop their constant contractions.

This is super effective in various parts of the face since these contractions are responsible for the wrinkles that are formed on the surface of the skin above. By numbing these muscles and soothing them, Botox can effectively smooth out the wrinkles above and deemphasize the age marks on the face.

Now, the botulinum toxin itself can be dangerous. If not in the hands of a professional practitioner, the botulinum toxin can harm the body. However, much like how you trust the chef at your local eatery not to give you food poisoning, Botox injections are quite safe because the people that utilize them are experienced and highly trained professionals. They go through a lot of training and education before being allowed to perform the treatment.

Not only that, but Botox, as well as any other cosmetic treatment out there, is under constant observation. This is done to ensure that the health and safety of the patient are always protected. For practitioners, your health is the number one priority and the treatment has gone through constant developments to ensure that nothing goes wrong. To get additional information on who is eligible to administer botox injections try this website.

Dermal Fillers

Regardless of what brand of dermal fillers you are injected with, be it Juvederm, Restylane injections, or any other brand out there, fillers are among the most trusted cosmetic treatments today. The compound utilized in these treatments is based on hyaluronic acid, a type of chemical found in the joints which makes them springy.

This is to help keep your joints healthy and strong throughout the years of constant strain. Hyaluronic acid is an elastic compound, which makes it a perfect fit for increasing volume and lifting up the skin. When injected into key areas of the face, dermal fillers are able to restore the volume of the face that was lost through the years. By lifting up the skin and tightening it around key areas of the face, facial wrinkles are deemphasized and the face will look visibly more vigorous.

While getting injected in the face is not the most pleasant experience out there, you can rest easy knowing that dermal fillers are among the safest treatments out there thanks to their minimal invasiveness. There are cosmetic treatments that require cuts and incisions to be made into the skin. Even the smaller incisions which barely damage the skin can risk being infected or needing further maintenance which in turn raises the potential of having something dangerous enter your body.

With dermal fillers and other minimally invasive treatments, this danger is entirely bypassed. Injections are not pleasant, but they are much safer than incisions. Only a microscopic hole is made in the skin and it needs a very short amount of time to recover. This lowers the chance of infections or other health risks from damaging your body.

Lip Augmentations

Lip augmentations and enhancements are among the most in-demand cosmetic treatments out there. Countless patients visit their clinics with the hopes of getting those full, luscious lips. Sure, you can make your lips look bigger with some carefully applied makeup, but not everyone wants to spend an hour of their time making sure their lipstick looks natural.

Why do that when lip fillers offer an easy and very safe alternative. By injecting a special variant of the filler compound, the lips will become visibly bigger without needing any extra makeup to be applied. These injections ensure that they puff them up in all the right ways and more importantly: do not make them look fake.

Unnatural-looking results are one of the biggest fears that patients have when they go to a clinic. Not many people wish for others to know about their cosmetic treatments and lip augmentations. This is why it’s so important for cosmetic treatments to produce natural-looking results and the lips need to look as authentic as possible.

Thanks to the advanced compound utilized in these treatments the lips will look authentic and it will take a professional to notice that they were treated with lip augmentations. The methodology also lends a lot to this authentic appearance since practitioners do their best to make the lips look as symmetrical as possible, as well as retain their natural shape. These two elements are very important in lip augmentations. With an experienced practitioner, you will have a completely safe lip augmentation treatment and the results will look natural.