Ethnic Cosmetic Surgery

Bodybuilding can be an intimidating world to step into – there’s so many perfectly sculpted muscles and chiselled physiques out there.

It’s tempting to consider using cosmetic surgery to obtain the look you want, but what are the pros and cons of this?

PRO – Can get exactly the shape you want

Changing your diet and fitness routine can get you in shape, but not necessarily a particular shape. Bodies are limited by their natural structure – in women this can be having too large/too small breasts for their ideal figure, in men, perhaps a tendency towards bulking on top but not on the legs.

By making use of cosmetic surgery, you can shape the areas you want to focus on, and ensure you have the body you need.

CON – It won’t get you the body you want by it

You can’t just have cosmetic surgery and expect it to stay sculpted forever. Whilst it can be great for tweaking things to perfection, you need to regularly exercise and eat appropriately to maintain your shape.

Cosmetic surgery simply isn’t worth it if you can’t commit to this, as it will merely be an expensive waste of money a few months down the line. Ideally, you’ll want to have started this new routine before you commit, just to make sure.

PRO – Women can avoid breast reduction

One downside for women who partake in body building is that they will naturally experience breast reduction. For some women, this is great, but for others it can be a huge change that might cause them to leave the lifestyle.

Cosmetic surgery can be a good way to enhance your figure back to it’s original size, without having to cease bodybuilding.

CON – It’s like any other surgery

Surgery isn’t something that should be entered into lightly – even cosmetic surgery has it’s risks. You’ll need to have time away from work, a recovery schedule, and you’ll need to be prepared for the fact results cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Remember that, as with all surgeries, cosmetic surgery can be risky and ensure you’ve done lots of research prior to going forward with it.

PRO – Can deal with specific problem areas

One issue almost everyone will encounter with working out is that sometimes, there’ll just be one area you can’t fix.

Whether you’re cursed with skinny legs, or have an unfortunate bit of fat that lingers on your stomach, you can work yourself to the bone for little difference. Cosmetic surgery allows a focused treatment, and though it has its risks, it can avoid overworking for little gain.

CON – It’s expensive

Working out and changing your diet are relatively inexpensive ways to get into body-building – you don’t need a gym, and you’re already eating food. Cosmetic surgery is a serious expense, and if you want it done right, you’ll need to pay for the best.

If you’re unsure about the cost, it can be better to hold off and try to gain the body you want without it – but if money is no object, then it can be one option.

PRO – Much safer than performance enhancing drugs (and legal!)

Many people might have heard that steroids or other such performance enhancing drugs are the ideal way to get the body they want, but this is false. They can be dangerous, are often illegal, and have little to no regulation on them.

Cosmetic surgery still has its risks, but it’s carried out by medical professionals and is completely legal.

CON – May disqualify you from tournaments

Thought cosmetic surgery is legal, it may get your disqualified from tournaments if it’s obvious. Face-lifts, breast enhancements and liposuction are unlikely to get noticed – but synthol injections might, so think about why you’re doing it.

There are ways to get cosmetic surgery type effects without having surgery – Velashape being one such method. Velashape makes use of Bi-Polar radiofrequency and Infrared Light Energy, as well as massage.

These techniques allow it to reduce circumference and lend definition to problem areas – especially the thighs and abdomen. This means you can sculpt that six-pack you desire without requiring implants.

Other treatments, such as laser skin tightening or micro needling, can help reduce the appearance of loose skin and therefore tighten up problem areas. It’s well worth researching alternatives like Velashape before committing to surgery – and make sure you speak with your trainer to see what is best for you.