While being pregnant is quite a momentous occasion or feeling in its own, getting married during the same time can be even more taxing and exciting.

Brides that are pregnant during their wedding day might look all excited and glammed up, but believe us when we say that they might have had the most difficult time of their life making this event happen.

Marriage and pregnancy are two of the most important events in one’s life. However, things can get extremely tricky and exciting if you’ve decided to get married while expecting a baby at the same time.

Here, we look at the stories and narratives from brides that got married while pregnant, and try to find sense in the options you may have up your sleeves.

The tips in this article, along with the detailed information on rocking your look on the day, would prepare you for the wedding.

Choosing the Perfect Pregnancy Gown

Getting pregnant before marriage requires you to be extra careful while shopping for your wedding gown. You wouldn’t want something that doesn’t fit on you during the day of your wedding.

So, follow these tips and create amazing memories:

  • Avoid gowns that come with stiff materials on them. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable in a gown that is literally hugging your body. Getting material with a good stretch on it would lie in your best interest, as you can create a defining look through it. Breathable fabrics will aid you well, as they wouldn’t hug your body and make you feel uncomfortable.
  • A bandeau would be a bold choice, but since pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the occasion, you can go for it. A strapless bandeau is often disregarded by pregnant brides, but we believe you can pull the look perfectly fine if you have additional support around the bust area. The growing bust line will be assisted through the additional support on your wedding day.
  • Try to remain clear of any complicated cuts with fussy designs. Also try not to buy hemlines, scratchy underskirts, or necklines.
  • You can go for classic designs such as the very popular empire line. This design style is considered the most flattering because of how it can skim the baby bump, rather than make it prominent by clinging on to it.

Buying the Dress

You need to be careful of when you buy the dress if you’re planning to get married during pregnancy. Normally brides buy their wedding dress around 8 to 12 weeks before the planned marriage date, but you can bridge this gap a bit further to ensure that you buy what you’re looking for at the right time.

We would recommend you to buy your desired dress at around 3 to 4 weeks before the marriage, so that you are sure of how you would look with the dress on the actual date of the marriage. Also, since you have a growing bump, you can’t risk buying something in advance and then seeing your tummy outgrow it.

Additionally, make sure that you talk to your dressmaker in advance and let them know that there should be some extra space around the tummy area, so that your growing bump is accounted for, and that you don’t have a dress that is clinging against your growing bump.

How to Enjoy the Day?

Being a pregnant bride can be extremely taxing and troublesome, which is why you should put your health above the excitement and not be blown away by the festivities.

Here we mention some tips you should follow to enjoy your marriage day, without letting your pregnancy spoil the occasion;

  • Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water during the whole day. Don’t forget to sit down and have a rest after every 20 minutes that you spend on your feet. Do not stand for elongated periods.
  • Step back from the responsibilities and let your relatives/bridesmaid do the majority of the greeting and fussing around.
  • Ensure that the food items and the drinks are pregnancy friendly, and the food is hygienic.
  • Try to keep yourself as cool as you possibly can. Keep drinking cool fluids, and don’t overexert yourself. If you think that the dress is troubling you, have it changed immediately after the wedding is over.

Hiding Your Pregnancy on the Day

Oftentimes brides get pregnant near the date for their wedding, and haven’t yet told anyone the news yet. So, they are required to keep the baby bump, and all other signs of pregnancy hidden from the visitors.

If you’re going through a similar scenario, you can follow the following tips:

  • Place your flower bouquet over your tummy, so that any/all signs of pregnancy are hidden from the view of those around you.
  • Wear flaw heels during the day. Standing for too long on heavy heels, during early pregnancy, might make you feel tired and look for occasional breathers. The frequency of these breathers will warrant a lot of questions from those around you.
  • Have excuses ready for why you’re not drinking. Have the ‘I want to be able to remember my wedding in the morning,’ excuse ready if you can’t find any other.
  • Skip all meals that you think aren’t meant for you or your growing fetus. If someone notices that you’re skipping food items, let them know that you’re too excited to eat anything.
  • Excuse yourself if you have nausea, and go to the back for a breather. Tell the guests that you were wanting to get a hold of your excitement and emotions.
  • Let your fiancé know what’s up, so that they are on the same page as you, and are able to lend some weight to your excuses. Keeping them out of the loop would just make them really curious and worried.

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